Upgraded from TMNet Streamyx to TM UniFi

Last February 2011, 2 TM UniFi agent came to my house claiming that my area is within UniFi coverage. I checked on UniFi’s website earlier but my house address was no where to be found. Since the guy said that registration and the even the installation is free, I then agreed to sign up. 5 months later, after I signed up again online and confirmed that my house address was listed, I received an e-mail that my order was approved and the installation will be done in July 2011. Apparently, TM UniFi’s personnel called me up and inform me of an earlier installation date and I happily agreed to it.

Unfortunately, they broke their promise and didn’t show up on the date. I e-mailed them back and complain about it and received a reply from their customer support. The installation date was pushed to the following week. Here’s how the installation work was done:

There were 2 vans arrived at my house, one contractor is for the outdoor installation and the other is responsible for the indoor installation. Altogether there were 5 people.

I admired this guy who engaged me as the customer and did most of the work compared the other guys. Not only did he brought the barrel of fiber optics cable to the telekom pole, he drilled a hole in my living room.

He then drilled my kitchen wall to insert the fibre optic cables from the outside.

He pulled the fiber optic cables were pulled into my house living room.

The fiber optics cable barrel.

My cracked kitchen wall caused by the drilling. One of the contractor then masked the cracked wall with white plaster.

The guy then sets up the UniFi equipments in my living room.

He and another guys working on the UniFi’s connectivity.

My neighbourhood UniFi box connector. In some places, the UniFi connectivity is located underground.

My house TM UniFi equipment up and running.

The next step after installing UniFi is to terminate the TM Net Streamyx and telephone line. There were several issues I’ve encountered after the installation:

  1. I tried requesting for my house number to remain the same. Unfortunately the TM Point staff told me that I can’t have my old phone number to be replaced with the new UniFi telephone number. So there goes my old house number after using it for 14 years.
  2. The TM powered wireless router administration page is very opened. Even though I’ve disabled the remote access to the router, until now I can’t seem to change the password (current password is just blank).
  3. I spent 2 days configuring the TM powered wireless router to work on my laptop. Only my laptop couldn’t connect to the WiFi, the rest of laptop, PC and mobile devices in my house could connect to the internet without any problem. I tried configured everything I know on my laptop, installed and uninstalled several drivers and software but nothing seems to work. In the end, I hooked up my old wireless router back and my laptop automatically connects to the internet.
  4. After consuming gigabytes of data (I am a heavy downloader once in a while), I think one the UniFi devices crashed and both the HyppTV and the internet is not available anymore. This had occur twice already. The solution is to reset the whole boxes (Consist of the UniFi modem, Wireless router and HypTV box; Switch off for a few seconds and switch back on after that) and the UniFi services will be back to normal. Don’t bother tinkering into the admin page or call the customer service unless if you really need to.

If you want to read a full detail story of what happened before the installation, you can read it on my Malay blog here, that is if you can understand Malay language.

Overall, I am satisfied with TM UniFi services. There are moments when the internet line was really slow, I guess not all of the servers can cater for the high speed connection. The only significant improvement I’ve noticed is when watching YouTube where you don’t have to wait for the buffering video anymore. The HyppTV/IPTV is crystal clear and at the moment I’m enjoying all of the HyppTV channel free for a month (1-31 August 2011). That’s all for now. Do leave a comment if you would like to ask me anything.


Using Maxis Wireless Broadband in Kuala Terengganu

I’m currently in Kuala Terengganu with my family. My brother just got married with a Terengganu wife and he will be on a 2 weeks holiday after this.

My family at the moment is living at Homestay here at Losong Kuala Terengganu. It has 4 rooms with 3 bathroom and the house is big enough for the comfort of up to 5 families. If you are interested to rent one of the Homestay houses, details are available on the picture below:

D'Losong Homestay Kuala Terengganu
D’Losong Homestay Kuala Terengganu

At Homestay, you won’t find any Wi-Fi service available. So, I brought and setup my own Wi-Fi connection using Maxis Wireless Broadband and a wireless router. Here in Terengganu, there are billboards everywhere telling that Terengganu is Celcom territory. So far, almost 4 laptops are now connected and the connection speed is so far quite reasonable. Here is how the setup is being done:

Setup of Maxis Wireless Broadband with Wireless Router for Wi-Fi connection @ D'Losong Homestay Kuala Terengganu
Setup of Maxis Wireless Broadband with Wireless Router for Wi-Fi connection @ D’Losong Homestay Kuala Terengganu

The ZTE modem is actually a router by itself so there is no need for any configuration except if the network address clashes or something. The internet connection is running on UMTS speed, it’s not that fast but so far I’ve been using Skype with webcam while running Youtube and downloading stuff without any problem.

UMTS Maxis Wireless Broadband connection in Kuala Terengganu
UMTS Maxis Wireless Broadband connection in Kuala Terengganu

I don’t really trust on bandwitdh test but it is safe to say that Maxis Wireless broadband here in Losong Kuala Terengganu is pretty good.

Discovering Big Apple Donuts

Last weekend, I went to The Curve. The best part of hanging out there is it is just 15 minutes drive from my house and the parking fees is literally free of charge (the trick is to buy something at Ikea). Besides that, there are 3 malls you can walk around if your leg and feet can handle it. I lost count of how many times I’ve visited The Curve Mutiara Damansara but I’ve never went to a place call the Big Apple Donuts. I’ve passed through in front of the shop so many times but I’ve been put off by the price I guess.

So last Sunday Afternoon, I decided to accompany LV for a treat at a Wi-Fi enabled shop and found out The Big Apple Donuts provide free Wi-Fi. So, after trying out a box of donuts worth RM9.50 per box, I think it’s worth the price I’m paying for:

Having a Treat at Big Apple Donuts The Curve Mutiara Damansara
Having a Treat at Big Apple Donuts The Curve Mutiara Damansara

The yummy donuts from Big Apple Donuts & Coffee
The yummy donuts from Big Apple Donuts & Coffee

I guess I’ll be dropping there some other time soon.