A Short Trip To Muar Johor

The last time I remembered visited Muar was when I was 12 I guess. 18 years later, I came back to Muar and have another experience there. Here’s a collage photo I’ve taken using my Sony Xperia X10 Mini smartphone camera:

Interesting highlights during our short trip:

  • There are only a few hotels in Muar and most of them especially during festive season will be full. Make sure you book your hotel as early as you can.
  • Muar drivers are speed demon during the day and especially at night, be sure to give room for them to overtake or you’ll get your car rear being kissed (our car got scratched on the bumper by some crazy motorcyclist who saw us giving signal and brake light but kept on swerving).
  • There are literally no night opened mamak restaurant during my trip there at 2am in the morning.
  • The beach in Muar is a no go. However, Singaporean people still love the awful scenery at Tanjung Mas.
  • Mee Bandung Fuad is the best tasting mee bandung I’ve ever tasted.
  • Service at Fuad Mee Bandung (opposite the main entrance of Sekolah Menengah Sains Muar) is super fast.
  • There were so many stalls selling ‘Kupang’ on the side of the road during our journey back.

My Holiday Trip To Patong Beach Phuket Thailand (Jan 2011)

Earlier this year, my wife and I was surprised with a complimentary ticket given to us by my cousin. He couldn’t make use of the free complimentary ticket and gave away the ticket to us because the ticket expiry date was getting close. By then, we only had less than a month of preparation for this trip.

Anyway, cut the story short, we have managed to get all the arrangement done in time. This include, gathering all of phuket and patong beach information blog various blog and websites, getting a reasonable accommodation place near to Patong Beach, my wife’s international passport and most importantly information about halal food to eat when we reach there. I skipped 2 items, one is to arrange taxi from Phuket International Airport to Patong beach and two, arrangement for tour during our short visit at Patong Beach. I’ll let you know why afterwards.

Here’s a full gallery of our trip to Patong Beach, Phuket Thailand (271 photos divided into 3 days):

Alright, firstly if you pre-arrange your taxi, you’ll probably would have paid 200 baht more. I only paid 500 baht to the taxi driver. There is one thing which was quite scary, the taxi drove 120 – 130km/h and this was on a normal road since there were no highways in Phuket. I was sitting on the edge of my seat the entire journey..goshh..Secondly, tour package is available everywhere in Patong Beach. There was like a stall or a booth everywhere I walk at the stretch on Patong Beach streets. During my first day at Patong Beach, I guess I walked almost 10km, took a tuk-tuk ride, slept in the hotel because of exhaustion until the evening, searched and found the most talked about Malay-Thai Kusuma Restaurant (the best tom yam soup I’ve ever had in my life) and had my feet massaged by the end of day.

During the second day, went for a cruiser trip to Phi-phi Island. Came back and had tom yam and seafood again at Kusuma Restaurant. Went shopping a little bit, took pictures and walked along Bangla Road.

Final day before returning home, we hired this Malay speaking taxi driver, went shopping for souvenirs and took the flight home.

It has been 14 years since I last boarded a flight. It was one of my most memorable experience travelling to a foreign country together with my loved one. I’ll sure be coming back to Phuket whenever I get a chance to go there again.

My Trip To Pulau Tioman (Feb 2010)

In December 2009, I finally got married. I didn’t blog about it because my father passed away on the same month just 10 days before my wedding. I lost interest on writing blog after that and it took me several months to recuperate myself and my family having to replace my father as the head of my family.

In February 2010, since my wife and I didn’t go anywhere for honeymoon yet. We organized a last minute 3 days and 2 nights trip to Pulau Tioman. We selected a 3D/2N package from an advertisement on 88db.com and booked a return ticket Transnasional bus ticket from KL – Mersing. The hotel resort we booked was a RM700 budget package for 2 person from Sun Beach Resort Tioman Island. My only comment for the resort is to change their bed. I can feel the spring inside the mattress. One more thing, the room doesn’t have a TV so be prepared to do your own activities inside your room there.

I’m not going to write in details of our entire journey and activities so I’ll summarize in using a slideshow below:

Overall, it was an unforgettable honeymoon and we are looking for more trips for the next coming years.

A Night At Tune Hotels Penang

Ever since Tune Hotels established 3 years ago, I have been wanting to try and stay there just to experience how the hotel is. Last September, I had the time and the chance to go to Penang after Hari Raya Aidilfitri to visit my mother’s relative up north. One room was booked and paid online 3 weeks earlier at Tune Hotels Downtown Penang which total up only RM70++ per night. Arrived and checked-in at the hotel at 10pm after being stuck in a one hour jam just before boarding the ferry services.

Check out the photos I’ve taken:

Tune Hotels Downtown Penang

Tune Hotels Downtown Penang lobby

Tune Hotels Room Hallway

Loved the comfortable bed

RM5 toiletries

The stylish glass door bathroom

Unfortunately the room doesn’t have a TV, however it wouldn’t be worth the resting time if you spend it watching TV. The bed was astoundingly comfortable. I wish my bed was as comfortable as the bed at Tune Hotels. Overall, I give this hotel a 5 stars rating and would love to stay for another night there.

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