Attending The VMware vSeminar Series 2011

I’ve been a big fan of virtualization since the day I’ve discovered Windows Virtual PC somewhere back 5-6 years ago. At that time, my thought was its free, its convenient and it triggers a lot of new ideas for testing purposes. In 2005,my team (consist of me, my brother and my boss) had to handle a software upgrade for a very well known big multinational corporation.. Their technical team was kind enough to show us a software called VMware.

I first registered myself to VMware email subscription in 2008. VMware wasn’t really big during those days but I heard that they are getting stronger by the day. Earlier this year in July, I attended a virtual event conducted by VMware after receiving an invitation below:

I notice that such event utilized a lot of internet bandwidth. I had my network guy screamed at me for using most of the bandwidth during that time of the hour. I don’t really blame him, he maybe wasn’t equipped to handle such enormous request. Anyway, he left the company to pursue a better position. Enough about that, I find the virtual event to be quite dull since I can’t listen to any of the web conferences because of the bandwidth issue.

Last October, I received an e-mail invitation:

vSeminar Series 2011 – Online Registration is Now Open

Join us at vSeminar Series to discover the latest cloud infrastructure and management solutions to accelerate IT and your business, and learn how you can further leverage your virtualization investments to reduce capital and operating expenses and improve business agility.

vSeminar Series is a free one-day multiple track event where you will be able to hear from VMware and experts from our partner ecosystem as we share the latest technologies in enabling Your Cloud to meet your company’s specific business needs.

If you’re an IT professional tasked with virtualizing and managing your IT environment, or taking your organization to the Cloud, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to:

  • Explore the latest technologies to aid your transformation to deliver a flexible, agile IT-as-a-Service delivery model
  • Learn the latest infrastructure and management solutions that enable greater efficiency, agility and choice for IT organizations – including vSphere 5, Site Recovery Manager 5 and View 5
  • Create a modern, user-centric approach to personal computing that delivers secure access to applications and data from any device, such as the iPad
  • Experience technology demonstrations from the exhibition showcase by VMware and a broad range of technology partners
  • Dive into operational best practices, performance, tuning and troubleshooting for your IT environment
  • Learn how, by using VMware vSphere, you can increase the performance of mission critical applications and how your organisation can accelerate its transition to the cloud

Don’t miss the opportunity to acquire best practices tips and strategies for virtualization and learn how to develop a cohesive, secure and compliant cloud strategy in three core areas: infrastructure, applications and end-user computing.

Register now in the city closest you and don’t miss a seat. We look forward to seeing you!

Date: Tuesday,
15 November 2011
Time: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
Venue: One World
Grand Ballroom
First Avenue,
Bandar Utama, City Centre
47800 Petaling Jaya

I immediately register myself. At first, I thought the event wasn’t going to have so many people. I was so wrong. Just look at these photos I’ve taken:

This was at 8.30am! I couldn’t believe it. When the event started, the speaker told that there were a thousand people who had registered and come to event. I then realized, VMware is huge!

Check out my mega photo gallery I’ve taken during the event:

Since one of my role in the company is to suggest better ways to manage the IT infrastructure for both ourselves and also to our clients/prospects. Virtualization is definitely the way of the future. My team has been fiddling with Oracle VM Virtualbox to maximize the use of our development and test servers in the office. So far, the only restriction that we have is the shortage of physical memory for the hardware. The cloud wasn’t really a solution for us since we need to utilize what we have and keeping the cost down (although we have 2 virtual private servers running in the US for hosting purposes). Overall, virtualization has helped us in our IT deployment stage.

Back to the event, I must say that the event was way much cooler and more fun than any techno events I’ve ever been to and this was in Malaysia by the way. Kudos to the organizer and to all the sponsors for organizing such a wonderful event. Looking forward to next year’s VMware vSeminar Series if VMware decided to held one again next year.

Sharing My Astro With Another TV is one of my favourite online shop whenever I wanted to buy any electronic stuff. Earlier this year I entered a bid to buy a Wireless AV Sender which is compatible with Astro TV decoder. The reason for this was because I wanted to be able to watch Astro TV on another TV without having to buy another decoder or hack my way with those confusing wires and accessories. I won the bid at RM116.

Winning Bid-Genuine OEM Pakite 2.4G Wirelss AV Sender Astro Camera CCTV DVD

For convenience matter, I think for a less than RM150 item is quite reasonable. If you check at Lelong (Type in “astro” on the search box) normally the item is sold between RM180 to RM420. I asked the seller to send the item using Air-Pak since it was an option given by him. I top-up another RM10 on the shipping fee for a more secured delivery. The next week, the item arrived.

Airpak Express packing

One wireless AV sender and one wireless AV receiver

Genuine OEM Pakite 2.4G Wireless AV Sender Astro Camera CCTV DVD packager

After more than 3 months using this device, I am quite happy with it. However, here’s a list of pros and cons on this little item:


      Easy straight forward setup, lightweight, instant, no confusing wires


  1. The display and sound reception is easily distorted when interfered by numerous electrical items such as microwaves, fans, blender, drills, washing machine etc
  2. The reception distance gets even shorter when there are walls or solid objects
  3. I still can’t get the IR remote control on the receiver device to work

My Blog On Mobile

Once in a while, I browse the internet on my HTC Touch PDA. I have no interest yet in owning an iPhone because of the price so I make use of everything that I now own. Recently I’ve tried out Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini. It’s an awesome piece of smartphone with amazing touch features.

There is a drawback when using mobile phone for browsing the net. Apart from having to pay for the data charges (that is assuming if you are not not subscribing to any data plan provided by your mobile carriers), the screen is just to small to look at all those amazing design and features a normal web browser can provide. Nevertheless, when using these tiny little small screens, we only want to read text or maybe some resized pictures or images.

Because of this, it would be best to provide your blog with tools to help people who loves your blog but only have time to read them on their mobiles. There’s a solution for this, Onbile.

Whenever a mobile user logs, the javascript provided will detect whether you are browsing using a mobile phone or a normal browser. This would really help your mobile readers and encourage them to visit your blog more often.

The only issue I have is:

  • Only 2 pages of your title list will be available (I am guessing this would depend on your feed setting)
  • You can’t revert back to your original layout once it’s loaded on your smartphone

I am still going to try this tool for a while and see if suits my need or else I am going to remove it and search for another tool or WordPress plugin.

Iron Man 2 featuring Oracle

I watched Iron Man 2 at Cathay Cineplex Damansara yesterday. I have looked forward to the movie ever since I watched the Iron Man 2 promotional trailer on Oracle’s website. The creator of Iron Man, a company called Marvel is one of Oracle’s client. I didn’t see the first Iron Man at the movies, I only watched it on DVD. This time, I had to go and watched Iron Man 2 at the cinema. I even had my desktop with Iron Man 2 and Oracle wallpaper:

The Iron Man 2 storyline for me is quite fast pace. The movie reminded me of Transformer 2 where there were too much action going on at the scene. My wife who watched the movie with me didn’t understand the story in the beginning and asked me a lot many questions. I then told her bits and pieces and told her to just enjoy the movie rather than trying to figure out the story. Since one the sponsors of Iron Man 2 is Oracle, I noticed a number of glimpse of Oracle logo. There was also Larry Ellison the CEO of Oracle himself shaking hands with Tony Stark.

Back home, I did some Googling and found out that Oracle and Marvel created a webisode titled “Two Worlds” highlighting the Oracle technology being used at Marvel. It’s quite entertaining and contain a lot of information regarding how Oracle is being used in the business world.

Check out the 3D illustration which includes Tony Stark (the animated version) as Iron Man.

Truth to be told, there aren’t any ideal environment where everything you need is just at the tip of your finger. There are other efforts and factors to be counted as well. However, having a positive thought is good enough to keep things moving forward.

Back to Iron Man 2 movie. I love the action pack battle between Iron Man and the drones. I love the technology being used by Tony Stark. Overall, its a great movie to watch.