Attending VMWare vForum 2017 at One World Hotel Bandar Utama (November 2017)

A Happy New Year 2018. It turns out that I only wrote a handful of blog posts last year. I know it was pathetic but I am working really hard to make a positive change this year.

Anyway, this was my 3rd year of attending VMWare’s vForum in One World Hotel, Bandar Utama. The first and second was also held at the same place. The registration queue stretches from the lobby of the hotel towards the registration counter. The crowd was jam-packed but I must salute the host and the hotel venue for well managing the food for the enormous crowd, superbly done. I attended Google Cloud event earlier at the same place but the crowd was far less than VMWare vForum, clearly the event organizer did a very good job.

I’ve been lazy to write or update this blog but determined enough to make a video using my rarely used outdated Camtasia Studio on my laptop. Check out my less than 2 minutes video presentation. It may look crappy but I made the video in less than half an hour so imagine if I can spend an hour or two if I’m not that lazy..haha..

By the way, check out the cool demonstration using Virtual Reality concept done by the awesome presenter on stage starting at 0.19s onwards. Very Cool stuff!

iTrain Cloud Computing Summit 2012

This would be my first blog post in 2012. I have been concentrating on writing my Malay blog thus abandoning writing on this blog. However, I’ll try my best to update anything related to technology that I’ve personally experience so far. So last month I encountered an invitation through Facebook:

I’ve never been to a cloud computing summit before therefore I immediately registered myself to attend. The event was organized by iTrain Malaysia. The last event I’ve attended being organized by iTrain was like 5 years ago so things must have been really moving forward from then. I guess I’ll cut my blog post short and show you snapshots taken during the event:

During the event, there was an announcement that really surprised me. iTrain with support from the government will be doing a ‘Free Training for CompTIA Cloud Computing Certification’. Again, I registered myself for that one as well. Basically I’ve been playing around with the cloud for several years already except that during that time it wasn’t known as ‘cloud’ yet. Hopefully I’ll become the chosen 40 selected person to receive the training and qualify for the certification. I’ll update that in my blog if I get selected.

The Freeze Craze in KL

I saw a very cool videos a couple of months ago about a freeze stunt by a group of people organized by Improv Everywhere a New York City based group. Check this out:

Grand Central New York Freeze (31 January 2008)


207 undercover people involved

I find it very cool! Apart from that, there was also a No Pants day and over 70 missions that they’ve successfully launched. It has gotten a lot of mainstream media attention all over the world and it has arrived here in Malaysia as well.

Now compare what has happened on the other part of the world with the recent local attempt:

KLCC Shopping Center Frozen (30 March 2008)


They tried to do it for almost 10 minutes which I think is too long. They then got busted by the security guards.

Yesterday someone organized another one. This time, the event was spread mainly through Facebook (Improv Malaysia Group). The freeze lasted for 4 minutes with coverage by local media as well.

Pavillion Freeze (13 April 2008)

KL Freeze in Unison from smashpOp on Vimeo.

Here’s another view from another perspective:


You can read more of this event on Zestful’s blog. Personally, I don’t think I’ll ever freeze like what the people did just for the fun of it. I think it is somehow silly but if I get paid to freeze, now that’s another story.