Upgraded from TMNet Streamyx to TM UniFi

Last February 2011, 2 TM UniFi agent came to my house claiming that my area is within UniFi coverage. I checked on UniFi’s website earlier but my house address was no where to be found. Since the guy said that registration and the even the installation is free, I then agreed to sign up. 5 months later, after I signed up again online and confirmed that my house address was listed, I received an e-mail that my order was approved and the installation will be done in July 2011. Apparently, TM UniFi’s personnel called me up and inform me of an earlier installation date and I happily agreed to it.

Unfortunately, they broke their promise and didn’t show up on the date. I e-mailed them back and complain about it and received a reply from their customer support. The installation date was pushed to the following week. Here’s how the installation work was done:

There were 2 vans arrived at my house, one contractor is for the outdoor installation and the other is responsible for the indoor installation. Altogether there were 5 people.

I admired this guy who engaged me as the customer and did most of the work compared the other guys. Not only did he brought the barrel of fiber optics cable to the telekom pole, he drilled a hole in my living room.

He then drilled my kitchen wall to insert the fibre optic cables from the outside.

He pulled the fiber optic cables were pulled into my house living room.

The fiber optics cable barrel.

My cracked kitchen wall caused by the drilling. One of the contractor then masked the cracked wall with white plaster.

The guy then sets up the UniFi equipments in my living room.

He and another guys working on the UniFi’s connectivity.

My neighbourhood UniFi box connector. In some places, the UniFi connectivity is located underground.

My house TM UniFi equipment up and running.

The next step after installing UniFi is to terminate the TM Net Streamyx and telephone line. There were several issues I’ve encountered after the installation:

  1. I tried requesting for my house number to remain the same. Unfortunately the TM Point staff told me that I can’t have my old phone number to be replaced with the new UniFi telephone number. So there goes my old house number after using it for 14 years.
  2. The TM powered wireless router administration page is very opened. Even though I’ve disabled the remote access to the router, until now I can’t seem to change the password (current password is just blank).
  3. I spent 2 days configuring the TM powered wireless router to work on my laptop. Only my laptop couldn’t connect to the WiFi, the rest of laptop, PC and mobile devices in my house could connect to the internet without any problem. I tried configured everything I know on my laptop, installed and uninstalled several drivers and software but nothing seems to work. In the end, I hooked up my old wireless router back and my laptop automatically connects to the internet.
  4. After consuming gigabytes of data (I am a heavy downloader once in a while), I think one the UniFi devices crashed and both the HyppTV and the internet is not available anymore. This had occur twice already. The solution is to reset the whole boxes (Consist of the UniFi modem, Wireless router and HypTV box; Switch off for a few seconds and switch back on after that) and the UniFi services will be back to normal. Don’t bother tinkering into the admin page or call the customer service unless if you really need to.

If you want to read a full detail story of what happened before the installation, you can read it on my Malay blog here, that is if you can understand Malay language.

Overall, I am satisfied with TM UniFi services. There are moments when the internet line was really slow, I guess not all of the servers can cater for the high speed connection. The only significant improvement I’ve noticed is when watching YouTube where you don’t have to wait for the buffering video anymore. The HyppTV/IPTV is crystal clear and at the moment I’m enjoying all of the HyppTV channel free for a month (1-31 August 2011). That’s all for now. Do leave a comment if you would like to ask me anything.


The Best Daily Mobile Internet Prepaid Option in Malaysia

We all have different need of internet usage. I normally use an average of 400 – 500MB (upload and download data transfer) usage per day. Total that up for one month, that would take up almost 15GB per month of data usage. However I find it hard to reach 15GB per month except if I am on a downloading quest for movies and videos stuff. The best internet option for me will always be TM Net Streamyx. However when I go travel for example like right now I am in Tambun Ipoh, I would bring along my Huawei E220 USB modem which is powered by DiGi Internet Prepaid. Lucky for me, my in law’s house is within the area of 3G Internet Broadband services for all the Telcos available.

A couple of months ago, I have no issue with DiGi Internet Prepaid as it serves my purpose quite well. Although the top download speed is capped at 384kbps, watching YouTube videos has not been a problem. The download quota of 3GB per month never been exceeded as I only use the pre-paid internet line for 3 – 4 days sometimes 10 days per month. At RM2 per day, it was the perfect internet replacement for me while on the go.

After haven’t been travelling for a while, I realized something new happened. I got this SMS in my Mobile Connect application:

You have reached the 100 MB daily quota. However you will continue to enjoy unlimited Internet usage at 128kbps until the next quota reset at 12am

I was shocked. Immediately the internet speed dropped and my download was downgraded. This is not a good sign. I did some Googling just now using the now throttled internet speed of 128kbps:

DiGi Internet Prepaid

Oh dear, I need to find a solution for this. I did some checking around:

Maxis Hotlink Internet Prepaid

Celcom Broadband Prepaid

I am a Maxis postpaid user on my Sony Xperia X10 Mini. However Maxis has the most expensive plan with RM8/day and only 500MB per day. I also have a DiGi Prepaid sim-card which I hardly use, at RM5/day and only 100MB per day, this is even pricier than my DiGi Internet Prepaid at RM2/day. The best option for me right now is to go for Celcom Broadband Prepaid at RM6/day with 1GB per day.

I should make a comparison table for this but I am too lazy to do it right now. Now, I need to find myself a Celcom Broadband Prepaid™ Pack somewhere here in Ipoh.

Update 1st February 2011: I subscribed to Celcom Broadband Prepaid on Celcom Blue for RM18 weekly (Sim Card cost me only RM3 during a promotion). The line only managed EDGE connection with unstable internet connection even on the 18th Floor of Menara PJD, Kuala Lumpur. The same goes when I was in Tambun Ipoh. So, it was a no go for Celcom Broadband Prepaid for me.

Update 12th February 2011: I bought Celcom Broadband Prepaid pack just now at a Celcom partner’s booth (Only RM12.50) at Giant Ipoh (Tried to buy one at Celcom Blue Sunway Pyramid but they said they ran out of stock). I realized that the Celcom Blue sim-card doesn’t have 3G capabilities which is why I couldn’t get a good speed the last time I tried. I am now on HSDPA line powered by Celcom Broadband Prepaid.

TM Net Internet Streamyx Downgrade

On the 29th September 2010, after much thought and consideration, my family made a decision to downgrade the current package of Streamyx internet. This is to reduce our monthly payment for TM services that we are paying. At the moment we are paying RM149.40 for a rarely used telephone line with 1MBps Streamyx Internet line. The internet line is the busiest because my family has 4 computers connecting using WiFi. My mother is now an avid user of Facebook since she uses the internet to learn new stuff and interact with her old friends whom is also catching up using Facebook as well.

I discovered from my brother and also other people using Streamyx 384Kbps that the speed was sufficient for normal browsing and casual download. So the decision is final, we wanted to downgrade the existing 1MBps Streamyx to 384Kbps. After making calls to 100, the best way to downgrade is to go to the nearest TM Point which is for me located at Kepong. Since the line was still under my father’s name and my father passed away last December, I first had to transfer the account to my name first by filling up a form before I can apply for the downgrade (RM10 was charged for the account transfer).

TM Point Kepong design is quite nice and comfortable, as usual the queue required me to wait for almost half an hour before my number turned up.

Here’s another view of TM Point Kepong.

The only thing that surprised me was that my internet line would be disconnected for 2 weeks in order for the downgrade to proceed. I then asked when will the line would be cut, the guy at the counter said immediately. So, I was out of internet for 2 weeks. I had to use alternative broadband internet I have which is the DiGi Internet Prepaid that I’ve bought a while ago but the reception in my house was really slow. I then tried using Daily Unlimited Celcom Xpax Prepaid Internet during last weekend, the speed was acceptable but the budget was a bit steep for me.

I made a call to 100 last week which the operator told me the downgrade request hasn’t been processed yet. So yesterday I made another call where I got the same answer with an additional information that I can request for a rebate for the entire stretch of my downtime (that was nice to hear). Last night, when I got back from home, my internet Streamyx was restored. A total downtime of 15 days.

So there you go, that was my experience downgrading TM Net Internet Streamyx.

What I’ve Learned From PHP Meet Up 3.0 (Part 2)

After we had lunch, the next presentation continued:

iHack Competition 2007 by FTMSK

UiTM iHack Announcement

This is an interesting area where web security is involved. Last year, I went to International Hacking Competition 2006 and see how hackers do their job.

This year, FTMSK is organizing International Hacking Competition 2007 on the 17th to 19th August 2007. RM6500 is up for grab. If I were a programmer, I might have tried my luck and participated in that event.

Oh well, if you can’t reach that level, you can always become a blogger right? Being a blogger has its own advantages.

Looking at their event programme, there will be a lot of interesting talk mainly on the topic of computer security. Just by reading those geeky stuff just made my geek inside of me wanting to jump out and get back to school.

The next speaker is someone who a lot of the audience were anticipating. He is known for his ability to hack.

Web Threats by 3xb055

Web Threat Presentation by 3 Boss The Hacker

If you are wondering how a computer hacker looks like, you are looking at one of them. Armed with a 12 inch display laptop, 3xbo55 presented how a hacker can penetrate into your website especially when you are using any PHP based Content Management System (CMS) such as PHPBB, Joomla, Drupal, WordPress and a whole lot more.

3xboss explains a little on why do hackers do what they do, HACK! The most popular kind of hack is called ‘defaced’ which is basically changing the front page of a website. There’s actually a difference between ‘crack’ and ‘hack’ but we all know that a hacker is someone who can penetrate a computer or IT system and do whatever he/she wants.

The best advice 3xboss gave the audience is to check your web hosting log and look at any irregularities that is happening. If you use Linux based web hosting, your web host might use Cpanel as their dashboard management. Here’s where you can check your error log:

Error Log on Cpanel Linux Web Hosting From the log file, once you can view them, you can actually know what’s going on with your web server, who’s accessing and from where. It doesn’t give you a lot of understandable details but 3xboss recommended we look for strange links that might have give an opportunity to be infiltrated by hackers.

The idea of sharing this information is to make a web a better place because the web is getting more of a lifestyle rather than just a tool.

Basically, computer security can become a significant issue if something happened to your computer or your password or identity got stolen. Once your confidential information is leaked out, you are prone to all kind of problems. Make sure you secure yourself because “prevention is better than cure”.

You can visit 3xb055 – Bandar Baru Bangi Open Source Software Group if you want to know more about computer security and web threats.

PHP Based Web System in A Government Agency by Amin007

PHP Based System in A Government AgencyAmin007 works in a government agency in Muar as a PHP programmer part time. His slide is a bit different than the rest of the speaker because he revealed something rather unusual yet informative. Here’s one of it “Did you know that in Muar, there is a shop who sells frog?”. Amin007 confirms that its true, he even called up the shop and asked about it. Amazing what we can do with the web.

Unfortunately, a lot of his work is still offline so most of us can’t really look at some of his sample. Anyway, it was good to know that PHP is useful and is used in numerous field.

The Integration of Phyton and PHP by tunbendahara

Integrating Phyton and PHP Presentation

tunbendahara is a freelancer specializing in Phyton programming. His background is in C++ which makes other programming languages seem like a piece of cake to him.

I like his motto “As people, we are all lazy so we need to relax. Why work hard for yourself when you can have machine work for you”. Very true indeed and that what he does.

From his talk, what I understand was he uses Phyton is for a SMS system where information is pulled from a local telco provider. He then uses PHP as the front end that will display the information in HTML viewpoint.

Object Oriented in PHP 5 by sameon

Learning About New Feature in PHP 5

sameon works for AIST. He manages a lot of web projects for government agencies and private companies. He is also a partial owner of PHP.net.my and the organizer of this event. According to him, the food served at the event is sponsored by their first Google Adsense cheque worth about RM360. Anyhow, the talk is worth more than that despite of the free entrance.

In sameon talk, he showed the audience the differences between PHP5 and PHP4. As we all know, PHP4 will be discontinued for support by the end of this year. So, what’s new on PHP 5? You can read all about it on PHP 5 Change Log.

Well, that’s wrapped my report for this event. If you are interested, you can download some of the presentation here. Overall, it was a very exciting and informative event. I look forward to attend the next meet up.