Oracle Technology Network: Java Workshop

It’s time for another workshop from Oracle. As usual, I receive a workshop invitation from Oracle:

Modern Enterprise Java Development

Dear Ashrufzz,

You are invited to attend the Oracle Technology Network (OTN) Java Workshop, a free, hands-on workshop that will focus on Java EE 6 and designed to enrich the development experience of enterprise Java developers.

  • Gain a better understanding of Oracle WebLogic Server’s capabilities and a glimpse into Java EE 7 and cloud enablement
  • Dive into the different layers of a typical Java EE Web application and learn how to implement them using the latest Java EE features
  • Learn how the latest Java EE 6 features provide a modern, lightweight Java development experience
  • Gain insight into why scaling web applications is challenging and learn some tips and tricks on how to deal with the issues involved
  • Hear about the integration of Coherence and Oracle WebLogic Server and Oracle GlassFish Server and the native capabilities of each servers for HTTP session state management
  • Learn how to configure and use powerful Eclipse plug-ins to develop, build, and deploy with Maven and Hudson for continuous build integration
  • Learn how to develop a simple Java console-based application to access, update and remove simple types of information from a Coherence-clustered cache


General requirements Software requirements
Laptop with DVD Drive
Any operating system
3.9 GB free disk space for VirtualBox appliance
VirtualBox 4.1+ software
9 GB of disk space for VirtualBox image


8:30 a.m. Registration
9:00 a.m. Keynote: Modern, Lightweight Development with Java EE 6
10:00 a.m. Technical Session: Developer Experience with WebLogic Server and the Cloud
11:00 a.m. Technical Session: Exploring Java EE 6
12:00 p.m. Lunch
1:00 p.m. InstallFest
1:30 p.m. Hands-on Lab: Total Oracle WebLogic Server Development with Eclipse, Maven, and Hudson
2:30 p.m. Technical Session: An engineer’s introduction to in-memory data grid development
3:30 p.m. Technical Session: In-memory session replication with WebLogic and GlassFish and Coherence
4:30 p.m. Hands-on Lab: A Step-By-Step Guide to Oracle Coherence
5:30 p.m. End


I arrived at Oracle’s HQ in Level 23, The Garden. I guess they are cutting down on cost so the only goodies I get is an Oracle folder, a few sheets of paper and an Oracle Linux CD. It’s okay with me since it’s kind of annoying to bring along my laptop back-pack along with a bunch of goodies especially when you take the train to come to MidValley.

The first session was presented by Cipto Wibowo Herlianto, OFM Solution Consultant-ASEAN. He is based in Singapore and I believe he is an Indonesian by the way his name is spelled. There was supposed to be another speaker but he came in late therefore Cipto had to cover for him.

Cipto’s topic was “Developer Experience with WebLogic Server and the Cloud” where he explained about Oracle WebLogic product regarding its features and many more things.

For me, the Oracle WebLogic is a fantastic tool to administer an enterprise application for a big scale environment. Of course the learning curve would be a bit steep especially for those who had never handled any big enterprise application before. For those who do, the features can be really helpful.

Cipto also showed the audience a hands-on view of how to deploy 2 applications where one is the new version and side by side replacing the old version with a new one without compromising the uptime of the application. A feature where high availability application demands most.

My knowledge in Java is quite limited so I couldn’t really understand what Java EE6 can do or could not do.

The second speaker is Chuk-Munn Lee where he talked about “Exploring Java EE 6”.

I really admire Mr. Chuk-Mun Lee because of his vast knowledge on Java. He was also unafraid to tell the audience the truth about Oracle and Sun (He claim he was from Sun) in terms of the product strength and weaknesses. Among some notes I’ve managed to collect:

  • GlassFish Server V3 – Is free and most probably the most advanced web server application in the market
  • JRuby – Is faster than the original Ruby
  • WebXML – Format everybody loves to hate
  • The use of annotation “” – If you have source code
  • The use of XML – If you don’t have source code/file
  • Multitenancy in Java EE 7
  • Scaling application in thread – requires a lot of CPU
  • Some overview of JRockit and how it can be used to manage application

I’ve never heard of GlassFish before eventhough one of the application my company is selling is using Tomcat and Jetty and based on Spring Framework. I think it’s time for my company to focus on Java instead of PHP. It was also the first time I’ve head of Maven and Hudson so it was an eye opener for me too.






Some of the materials being presentated was way beyond my IT knowledge so I had to pick up my pace on it using Wikipedia while during the talk. Again, I was fascinated by the dashboard showed by Mr Chuk together with his hands-on demonstration. How I wish I had the skills that he has. It was then time for lunch:

I could still remember the lunch I had during my last visit. It was fabolous. This time around, we were only served with packed lunch. Oh well, that’ll do.

The afternoon session was the “hands-on” approach. My laptop was running at peak performance causing my CPU fan to work extra hard. I was left with only 13GB of hard disk space (Total capacity-160GB) on my aging laptop. How I wish my company could provide me with an upgrade to my nearly 3 year old laptop eversince my own laptop died on me because of overheating I supposed.

Check out my laptop which barely meet the minimum laptop requirement:

General requirements Software requirements My Laptop
Laptop with DVD Drive
Any operating system
3.9 GB free disk space for VirtualBox appliance
VirtualBox 4.1+ software
9 GB of disk space for VirtualBox image
Intel Core2 Duo CPU T5670 1.8GHz
WinXP SP 2
13GB of free disk space

There were 2 hands-on lab:

  1. Oracle WebLogic Server Development with Eclipse, maven and Hudson
  2. A Step-By-Step Guide to Oracle Coherence

I only managed to finish the 1st lab. By the time I was finished, it’s already time to leave.

Looking forward to another event (please invite me again ok?).

Thank you Oracle.

The International Construction Conference 2011 – Kuala Lumpur

A couple of weeks ago, I attended a 2 days conference. If it wasn’t for my boss who had to go to Jakarta, I wouldn’t have to attend it. Anyway, the conference was a totally different industry, the construction industry. This is a huge industry with huge players. The event was jointly organized by UiTM (my former university) and The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) which was sponsored by CIDB Malaysia. I have never heard of CIOB before so it was new to me.

The welcoming address was done by Associate Professor Dr. Masran Saruwono, Dean of Faculty of Architecture, Planning and Surveying, UiTM. Opening address was done by Dr. Yeow Yoon Foo, President of CIOB Malaysia. Keynote Address and Official Opening was done by YB Dato’ Sri Ir Dr. Judin Abd Karim, the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer, CIDB Malaysia.

A little disclaimer here. I am not from the construction industry and what I’m going to write is from my own perspective.  If for some reason the information is not correct, misleading or gibberish, I would really appreciate any comments or feedback.

Session 1 –  Paper 1 : Case Studies in Sustainability for Major Construction Projects: The Veritas Experience by Mr. David Mizan Hashim.

The introduction given by the moderator to the first speaker was quite lengthy but really interesting to listen.

Once Mr. David Mizan gave out his talk, everybody including myself became very attentive towards what he was talking. He is quite an interesting speaker. Let’s check out his slides:

17 of the 20 tallest buildings in the world are in Asia and the Middle East.

For the first time in history, more than half of the world’s population is urban.

Three types of Green Building Rating Tool from Singapore, Malaysia and USA were compared.

There were 4 case studies were featured,The LCCT, Menara Binjai, Menara Chua and PKNS HQ. I kind of get the understanding of what the speaker message is since I’ve read about the Malaysia Green Building Index.

In this case study, the speaker mentioned about conserving energy by making an open design for the building.

If you’re familiar with engineering, the diagram above does make sense to you.

Some design view of the LCCT.

Case study 2: Menara Binjai. Don’t ask me where the building is, I have no idea.

The objective of the building design is to bring as much as natural light inside the building thus a lot of glass is used.

Case Study3: PKNS HQ. I have live in Shah Alam for almost 4 years during my study years. I love Shah Alam and Kompleks PKNS is one the earliest shopping mall my father used to bring me when I was little.

Did you know that the lake in Shah Alam is owned by PKNS? I didn’t know that. It is said that PKNS wanted to fence the entire lake area in Shah Alam since it is located their private land. Of course there were an uproar from the people in Shah Alam so they decided to leave it open to public. So the designer proposed this design:

The idea was to open up the building so that the public can go through instead of around it.

The building also is targeted to score a Platinum Level on the GBI scale.

I do gain a lot of knowledge just by attending this conference but I don’t want to write about the whole content of the conference. It’s not because I am lazy or so, it’s because this industry is not really related to what I am paid to work for. So, I’ll just summarize this entire post with photo galleries taken using my mobile phone down below:

international Construction Conference 2011 Kuala Lumpur – Day 1

international Construction Conference 2011 Kuala Lumpur – Day 2

BarCamp Malaysia? What Is It All About?

Several weeks ago before I went to UTHM, a friend of mine Daniel CerVentus messaged me and told me he was looking for volunteers for an event call “BarCamp”. I asked him, “What’s BarCamp?”. He then led me to some links and after reading it over and over, I still couldn’t figure out what BarCamp is. I think I can only describe it when I go for the event itself. Anyway, I missed their first volunteer meeting and I don’t think I can commit on becoming a volunteer.

BarCamp Malaysia KL Logo

Basically, it’s not that I can’t understand what it’s all about. It’s basically an event where people with like minded geeks gather around and share or maybe show off something to the rest of the people. Now that makes me wondering, what am I going to share? I’m not a programmer nor am I a software developer. I just happen to be very good in putting things together and make it work.

Last week, I decided to drop by The Garden Midvalley and take a peek and spy what the volunteers are doing. My intention wasn’t to join the volunteer group but just to give myself a reason to visit the brand new The Garden shopping mall. Here is where the BarCamp Malaysia volunteer meeting was held:

BarCamp KL Volunteer Hang Out Place @ Starbucks The Garden Midvalley
BarCamp KL Volunteer Hang Out Place @ Starbucks The Garden Midvalley

The event will be held next on July 26 – 27 at xTrain in KL. Khai Lee explanation of BarCamp is the best I’ve read. If you are interested to meet me, I’ll be there on the 26th since I have a weekly commitment every Sunday morning. Make sure you register first.

See you there!

A Visit To Malaysian International Space Adventure (MISA) at Putrajaya

My inner self was yearning to write this blog post but was held back by my busy work schedule. I can of course write it during my most productive hours which apparently are during my working hours but that wouldn’t be ethical right? I guess I should have use the ‘Timestamp’ feature and pre-write most of my blog posts and publish it on a timely schedule. Then again, it’s not really a critical thing to do.

Last week’s Saturday night after the national voting period was over, it was a hectic night for my family where we camped in front of TV until almost 2am just to check on the poll result. I also checked the most updated poll count online at the online version of the local online newspaper vendors. I guess everybody did the same as I did which was to click on the refresh button every now and then and received a 500 server error. It seems like my local online vendors are not designed to receive such spike in web traffics.

Getting back on course here. Last week’s Sunday, LV came back her hometown after casting her vote and brought back a pair of complimentary tickets to enter the Malaysia International Space Adventure (MISA). I am always a big fan of science fiction, I love watching space series such as Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars, Star Trek. A couple of week ago, I watched last year’s movie Sunshine. It’s a movie about re-igniting the sun which sounds ridiculous however the movie still managed to gross almost USD32 million worldwide.

Theoretically speaking, space adventure requires a great ordeal of patience simply because travelling is time consuming. Just imagine this, sunshine itself needs almost 8 minutes to arrive on Earth and light speed is 3×108 metres per second. My country’s recent space visitors, Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor (I met his father in a personal development seminar 4 years ago, a very enthusiastic old man I must say) although the International Space Station (ISS) is just 400km from earth, it takes about 2 days for the space shuttle to dock onto the space station eventhough the space shuttle has a lot of acceleration power. Not to forget that the ISS is moving about 5 miles/second orbiting the earth.

Enough space talking here, let’s move on with my visit to MISA. I’ve documented my visit using my Sony Ericsson W810i Camera Phone:


At RM38 (25% Discount for MyKAD Holders) for a normal entry ticket, I must say that it is rather expensive. If not for the complimentary ticket, I don’t think I’ll even consider coming to this exhibition. Most of the exhibition halls are uninteresting, the interactive exhibition toys are all either damaged or doesn’t work anymore. The most interesting part that I found is the 4D theater which only lasted after 20 minutes.

This exhibition has its last day today.