My Failed Attempt to Renew My Malaysian Passport Jan 2017

I’m trying out other medium to add to this blog so I decided to try out videos. I think it is much faster and more interesting to create. Of course, this would be my first so the quality is not up to par I guess.

My family and I will be heading to Bandung Indonesia for a holiday end of this month.

I am planning to create a video of the trip very soon. Need to polish my video skills then.



Happy New Year 2017

Ashrufzz New Year 2017

My new year resolution for this blog is to do more updates and share more information for the world to know. Wish me Good Health so that I can actively write more!

I’m Reviving This Blog

It has been close to 4 years since I’ve last updated this blog, how time flies. I actually have another blog written in Malay but that one is also collecting cyber dust for the past 2 years. It shows that my blog writing momentum fades whenever my laziness attacked. I am planning to make a come back by this June 2016.

In the meantime..never mind, I’ll write whatever that pops on my mind very soon.

iTrain Cloud Computing Summit 2012

This would be my first blog post in 2012. I have been concentrating on writing my Malay blog thus abandoning writing on this blog. However, I’ll try my best to update anything related to technology that I’ve personally experience so far. So last month I encountered an invitation through Facebook:

I’ve never been to a cloud computing summit before therefore I immediately registered myself to attend. The event was organized by iTrain Malaysia. The last event I’ve attended being organized by iTrain was like 5 years ago so things must have been really moving forward from then. I guess I’ll cut my blog post short and show you snapshots taken during the event:

During the event, there was an announcement that really surprised me. iTrain with support from the government will be doing a ‘Free Training for CompTIA Cloud Computing Certification’. Again, I registered myself for that one as well. Basically I’ve been playing around with the cloud for several years already except that during that time it wasn’t known as ‘cloud’ yet. Hopefully I’ll become the chosen 40 selected person to receive the training and qualify for the certification. I’ll update that in my blog if I get selected.

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