Attending VMWare vForum 2017 at One World Hotel Bandar Utama (November 2017)

A Happy New Year 2018. It turns out that I only wrote a handful of blog posts last year. I know it was pathetic but I am working really hard to make a positive change this year.

Anyway, this was my 3rd year of attending VMWare’s vForum in One World Hotel, Bandar Utama. The first and second was also held at the same place. The registration queue stretches from the lobby of the hotel towards the registration counter. The crowd was jam-packed but I must salute the host and the hotel venue for well managing the food for the enormous crowd, superbly done. I attended Google Cloud event earlier at the same place but the crowd was far less than VMWare vForum, clearly the event organizer did a very good job.

I’ve been lazy to write or update this blog but determined enough to make a video using my rarely used outdated Camtasia Studio on my laptop. Check out my less than 2 minutes video presentation. It may look crappy but I made the video in less than half an hour so imagine if I can spend an hour or two if I’m not that lazy..haha..

By the way, check out the cool demonstration using Virtual Reality concept done by the awesome presenter on stage starting at 0.19s onwards. Very Cool stuff!

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