How To Get Headhunted By Job Recruiters

Success can be defined in many ways, shape and form. If you are an employee, don’t feel bad about it. There are times when I wish I had the freedom of time, money and no boss that I need to serve. Well, I guess I never got to that situation yet. An honest confession, I currently have a huge debt of almost 3 times my yearly salary that I need to serve after trying to achieve the freedom of time, money and no boss to serve. I got cheated, duped and failed miserably. However, I know that I can bounce back stronger than before. That’s how life teaches you a lesson.

Enough about my failure, I want to write about my experience being sought after by these job recruiters. A few years back, I had to change jobs because of some unfortunate circumstances of the company that I served at that time. Basically, at the moment I’m back at the same company because I can’t resist the complacent working environment but I’ll try to write on that later. After going to almost 10 job interviews, a job recruiter spotted me on this site called ‘Monster’ which was a big job recruitment website and hook me up with a job interview that landed me a job offer for big public listed local IT company. I chose to accept a smaller company because of the permanent status rather than contract and stayed there for more than a year.

The point here is when you are good at your job and even when your resume sucks, you can always try further on the next round like I did. I never had a degree in IT, furthermore, my only qualification is a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering with specialisation in Automotive but how did I end up in the IT world. My only answer would be because of my passion. So, if you have passion you can definitely survive anywhere you go.

Recently I tried to update my Jobstreet profile after  4 years of dormancy. Suddenly a ‘Job Opportunity’ landed in my inbox.

Job Opportunity – Sales Operations Administrator

The job description given was very interesting and if I was 5 years younger, I would have definitely grab it. So, if you are interested in a change in career or a job opportunity such as this one, do contact me or the guy in the screenshot above. I would love to communicate with a ‘younger me’. ;-D

I didn’t answer the topic of this blog post. Well if you ask me, a few ways you can try to get headhunted is to:

  1. Advertise and expose yourself. Don’t be scared to be different from the rest of your peers. If you have a blog, write about yourself on your blog, social media account profile, Linkedin or anywhere you can get spotted.
  2. Register yourself to all job recruitment agency. If you found a job recruitment website, register an account with them. If there is a ‘Job Fair’ in your area, attend and drop your resume, your name card if you have one or a note to the guy or girl at the job booth.
  3. Network with a fellow headhunted guy such as myself. What a headhunter would probably look for are recommendations by trusted sources. If I find out that you are good and there are opportunities for you to go further, I will definitely recommend you to the headhunters I know (I have a classmate who is an experienced head hunter).

There you have it, a combined answer with some of my experience after being absent from this blog for a while. I never thought it feels so good to write a decent blog post again. I should really write more often. Until next time my fellow readers.