Sharing My Astro With Another TV is one of my favourite online shop whenever I wanted to buy any electronic stuff. Earlier this year I entered a bid to buy a Wireless AV Sender which is compatible with Astro TV decoder. The reason for this was because I wanted to be able to watch Astro TV on another TV without having to buy another decoder or hack my way with those confusing wires and accessories. I won the bid at RM116.

Winning Bid-Genuine OEM Pakite 2.4G Wirelss AV Sender Astro Camera CCTV DVD

For convenience matter, I think for a less than RM150 item is quite reasonable. If you check at Lelong (Type in “astro” on the search box) normally the item is sold between RM180 to RM420. I asked the seller to send the item using Air-Pak since it was an option given by him. I top-up another RM10 on the shipping fee for a more secured delivery. The next week, the item arrived.

Airpak Express packing

One wireless AV sender and one wireless AV receiver

Genuine OEM Pakite 2.4G Wireless AV Sender Astro Camera CCTV DVD packager

After more than 3 months using this device, I am quite happy with it. However, here’s a list of pros and cons on this little item:


      Easy straight forward setup, lightweight, instant, no confusing wires


  1. The display and sound reception is easily distorted when interfered by numerous electrical items such as microwaves, fans, blender, drills, washing machine etc
  2. The reception distance gets even shorter when there are walls or solid objects
  3. I still can’t get the IR remote control on the receiver device to work