My Own Shirt Store : Aisy T-Shirt House

For the past 1 year, I have been toying around with “Print On Demand (POD)” type of part time business. The business involves using any graphics editor software, resize an image to the right size, upload the graphics and finally place the item on a number of selected product. All of the activities mentioned are done using a computer with an internet connection. As simple as it may sound, being a person with no artistic background is kind of hard to adjust. Creating design is just too daunting for me. Copying on the other hand is so much easier. Anyway, there are too many downside of copying. Therefore I’ve decided to shy away from it and try to design stuff myself.

The best part about POD is this business model has produced a few extra hundred ringgits per month for me. It’s one of the easiest “making money on the internet” business model that I have ever tried. In matter of 2 weeks, I’ve already seeing some flow of money coming into my PayPal account. I can imagine if I strategically built some dedicated tasks without procrastinating, this business model has the potential to match my current monthly salary. My only issue is within me where I am not able to leave ‘the comfort zone’ and the habit of procrastinating.

Enough complaining. If you have ever heard of Cafepress, it is one of the most popular “Print On Demand” website on the internet. You can make your own design and have them shipped the product to yourself or anyone else. The best part about POD is, your product doesn’t have to be available right now for you to sell. Your job is just design and promote your custom made product virtually with no physical presence. How neat is that? Once your product is ready, the product will be sold over and over again every time someone purchased it online. Kind of a like a passive income once you reached certain level. But don’t get too excited, this is a part time business so if you work more, you earn more. If you are lazy or can’t get rid of procrastinating habit like me, you only get what you deserve..haha..

Here’s to my own T-Shirt store on Cafepress : “Aisy T-Shirt House

P/S: This store is completely brand new. I have another online store which is currently making some money for me the past several months without too much effort needed. The idea and money is exciting but the work is not…I need some motivation though..

Update 1 March 2011: The T-Shirt store is closed since I have lost interest in t-shirt design.

My Latest Ride – Mercedes 230E

After my father’s passing last December, my family and I were left with a bunch of belongings of my late father. Apart from still trying to cope with our lost, we are still in the process to finish off a number of items related to my late father. This include 2 cars my father left, one is a 2004 Mitsubishi Storm L200 and the other is a 1990 Mercedes 230E (W124). I’ve been using the Mitsubishi Storm for a couple of months since the car almost got abandoned because it was a challenge for my late father having to maintain 2 cars at the same time.

My trustworthy red Proton Iswara Aeroback 1.3 is currently being used by my wife. I never drove the Mercedes when my father was around. Being the eldest son and the named driver based on the insurance policy of the Mercedes 230E, I was the most eligible person to take care of the car after my father’s passing. The car cannot be sold yet because it needs a trust handler’s authority to issue an authorization letter before changing changing ownership and being sold off. Because of that, I’ll be driving around with the car until all of the other stuff relating to my father’s death has been cleared.

Front view of the Mercedes 230E

Rear view of the Mercedes 230E

Some good review about this Mercedes Benz 230E, apart from being huge, it’s much more comfortable from the cars I’ve ever own. Since the car’s front hood is so long, I am guessing the Mercedes logo in front of the car is a good indicator about the length of the car’s front end, if not you’ll be kissing the bumper the car in front of you. The interior is roomy however, I seem to have trouble with the air conditioning being too cold. This car is has automatic transmission so driving short or long distance is a breeze to drive. Other than that, the raw engine power and the driving experience better than the Proton I’ve been so used to.

Interior view of the Mercedes 230E

The downside of having such a big car is the always, the fuel consumption and more money for both parts and car services. My Proton Iswara only consume around 15 – 17 cent a kilometer of fuel while the Mercedes would be using 20 – 24 cent a kilometer of fuel. That would translate to an extra RM15 – RM25 of fuel in a week since I drive to work almost 500km per week. If fuel consumption is not a problem, I would definitely keep this car for it continental driving experience. It reminded me of the old Volvo 240GL my father handed over to me when I was studying my Diploma in Mechanical (Automotive) Engineering.

I’m not a big fan of old cars anymore, therefore I would settle for a new car once I’ve finished off my car loan 2 more years to come.

A Tribute to My Late Father

On the 9th December 2009, something really sad happened which affected the lives of all who are in my family. My beloved father passed away after a really sudden heart attack. It all happened so fast, only my mother had the chance being with him during the final moment. I was fast asleep in my bed upstairs at 3.30am in the early morning only being awakened by my youngest brother who woke me up that time. I didn’t had a chance to meet him after getting back late from work the night before. He was already fast asleep.

Anyway, no one knows when or where your final moment would be so it might be best to accept fate that god had written.

Al-Fatihah to Syed Azizan Syed Hashim Al-Idrus..