Systems Analyst Job Role

World's Greatest Systems Analyst

Since doing sales job is not one of my strongholds, I’ve always been interested to become a systems analyst. It may sound geeky but it is something that I like to look upon. Nevertheless, since I don’t have a diploma or degree in IT or Computer Science, I’d better stick with becoming at least an engineer role such as a web engineer role.

I just wanted to share with you some notes that I’ve gathered on what a job of a systems analysts is all about:

What are the responsibilities of the systems analysts?

Here are some of the responsibilities that System Analysts are expected to deliver:

  • Provide creative source of ideas, solution to address problems to the existing implementations.
  • Perform internal testing and debugging.
  • Produce project progress reports, including project details, schedule, milestones and resource allocation.
  • Ensure projects are implemented and completed successfully within schedule.
  • Conduct technical feasibility studies, evaluate user requirements and recommends solutions and resolve issues.
  • Prepare functional and technical specification and provide production support.
  • Design, analyse and code programs for system development according to user specifications.
  • Support user testing and be responsive to user queries, request for assistance.
  • Participate in the full software development lifecycle (SDLC) including requirements study, analysis, design, coding, testing, documentation, implementation and user training.

What are the types of knowledge and skills possess by the systems analyst?

Knowledge and skill needed to be possessed:

  • Up-to-date with the latest IT in specific areas of their scope
  • A keen determination in problem solving
  • Excellent communication skills with various level of management level

How are these knowledge and skills acquired by the systems analyst?

Knowledge and skills is normally acquired:

  • During on-going job, tasks and projects
  • Daily routine of work and communication internally and externally
  • Internal training by senior personnel and top management
  • Own effort of obtaining the latest information

Are the knowledge and skills possessed by the systems analyst adequate for him to perform his responsibility effectively?

Knowledge and skills are hard to be determined whether it is adequate or not. It is all depend on the individual performing their responsibility and the motivation and drive that they have.

If you are a job seeker, hope this information would be a good guide for you.