Blogging From A Cybercafe Nearby My House

I have like less than 15 minutes before my 1 hour in this cybercafe ends. I guess it has been a couple of years I haven’t visit any cybercafes. I normally used to be online whether at home or anywhere on my own laptop. BTW, I’m waiting for my motorbike to be fixed next door.

The feeling blogging in a cybercafe is different. My paranoid is the leak of my private information such as my username and password. Another is this filthy keyboard. I’m guessing it has a lot of germs and bacteria coming from all those kids using this computer. Oh dear, I’m definitely disinfecting my hand when I get back home.

Next, I want to prove that without any special software I can still upload and publish a decent image. Check this out:

A screenshot view of my cybercafe visit on 29 Aug 2009
A screenshot view of my cybercafe visit on 29 Aug 2009

My only problem is this WordPress editor is damaging my normal format I’ve used to.

Opss..5 minutes left. Adios..

The Little Brother of Mercedes Benz E-Class

Today I want to show you something interesting I saw a couple of month ago. I’ve never seen such creativity and such an awesome inspiration or motivation. When I first saw this, I was flabbergasted (loved this word):


Mercedes Benz E-Class Little Brother
Mercedes Benz E-Class Little Brother

Check out what it says at the rear end of the car:


Don’t you think this is amusing? Well I do.

Pocket Raincoat

I figured I update my blog today on the first day of fasting of the year. I found this product at Mydin USJ. I wonder if anybody is using it.

It has been an occasionally rainy day the past few weeks. I reckon this would make a perfect gifts for the kids apart from the surgical mask to prevent the flu. Don’t you think so?