Raw Unedited Video Footage of Citrawarna 2009

This year is my third year in a row attending the Colours of Malaysia or Citrawarna 2009. Unlike last year at Putrajaya, this year’s Citrawarna was held at Dataran Merdeka in the heart of KL City. The different of this year’s Citrawarna compared to last year was the amount of dancers that was invited to participate. From about 1,600 dancers last year, only 800 dancers participated in this year’s Citrawarna 2008. Even Laadvamore didn’t make it in becoming one of the dancers this year so she wasn’t so happy about it. Some of her friends did make it but most likely their pay was cut in today’s economic downturn. The crowd this year was far more less than last year at Putrajaya.

Anyway, I managed to borrow my father’s digital video camera and recorded footage of Citrawarna 2009 from an amateur point view. I don’t really like spending my time editing videos so I’ve converted and uploaded the longest unedited video footage available on the camera. I’ll try and finish off the rest if I remember to do so. Anyway, enjoy this half an hour raw unedited footage of Citrawarna 2009 uploaded on Vimeo (Youtube can only cater for 10 minutes plus it’s being blocked at various places). The fireworks was really awesome!!

Raw Unedited Footage of Citrawarna 2009 Dataran Merdeka KL
from Ashrufzz on Vimeo.

Will definitely come again next year for the awesome fireworks display as usual!