My Treatment Experience at Hospital Selayang

11 years ago, I had a swelling on my neck. I often catch a fever and when I do, the swelling will enlarged which looked almost like a mumps or in Malay we call it “Beguk”. The strange thing is, the swelling  occurs multiple time so it was not mumps so I had to undergo a series of test at the University Hospital in PJ. I finally had an operation, had a tube and a plastic bottle sucking out fluid on my neck, stayed at a pathetic ward (government hospital mind you) for a week and was discharged with visible scar on my neck. I notice that there were still some leftovers but it was relatively small so it didn’t make any difference since it was non-disturbing.

4 years back, the swelling came back after I got an infection which came from a fever. I then went to General Hospital Kuala Lumpur and had a check up. After being x-rayed and some blood sample were taken, the doctor said the thing the swelling is just a cosmetic effect and wouldn’t harm my health whatsoever. I was relieved it is not cancer or something so I just ignored it.

2 years ago, I got another infection but this time it got even larger and is now visible. I went to a clinic nearby, had my blood analyzed. I found out that I have a blood “O+” type. This means that I am a universal donor. There is this Blood Type Calculator where you can check out what your parent’s blood would be or your child blood would be.  I have this phobia for syringes where each time I got shot by it, I will go into this vomiting and drowsiness phase which is so uncomfortable and I hate it. Anyway, the clinic doctor gave me a recommendation letter for me to get further check up at the nearest Hospital available which is Hospital Selayang. The thing was, I didn’t go for the check up because at that time, I just got a new job so I did something that everybody loves doing, procrastinate.

I did a few Googling around and found similar cases for my rare condition. A couple of months ago, my swelling on the neck got even larger. This time, it has gone down to my right shoulder and it sure is uncomfortable especially when I sleep on my right side. I have to get this swelling removed before it gets even larger and make me look like a freak. After getting a new recommendation letter at my company’s panel clinic, on the 28th of October I went to Hospital Selayang to seek for further treatment.

At the hospital, I was referred to 2 places before landing at the Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) clinic. Paid RM30 for the registration and waited for my queue number which was like almost 2 hours.

Payment/Registration Counter at Hospital Selayang
Payment and Registration Counter at Hospital Selayang
The ENT Clinic at Hospital Selayang
The ENT Clinic at Hospital Selayang

Getting inside the doctor room, check out the doctor’s office by the way:

My ENT Doctor's Office
My ENT Doctor’s Office
ENT Doctor's Equipment
ENT Doctor’s Equipment

After being examined by the doctor, the doctor said he wanted to see inside of me so he sprayed some kind of medication into my nasal passage and my face instantly felt numb. I almost puked but I retained my calmness. 10 minutes later, I was in another room surrounded by 2 doctors, a nurse and the medical equipment assistant. The doctor plunged the camera tube into my nose, it was not really painful but it was the most uncomfortable situation I’ve ever had in a very long time. The good news is, my nasal passage was clear and it was all okay.

Back at doctor’s room, the doctor told me that the lump is not dangerous and it is just a matter of excessive fluid that could find it way out and got trapped in a few pouches underneath my skin. The doctor then ordered me to go the Radiology department to set up an appointment with them for a CT Scan. I only got an appointment 2 weeks after that. The experience continues…

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