The Launch of Colours of Malaysia 2008 @ Putrajaya

It’s been a while since I had fun. It could have been a lot more fun if my friends didn’t backed out from me when I asked them to join me. It was kind lonely but at least I still experience the colours, the light and sound and the best part, the show and performance.

Unlike last year Citrawarna 2007 where I have no idea where to go, this year I was given instruction by both LV and Colours of Malaysia website on where to park, where to head and where to go. This saves a lot of my time and energy of searching and figuring out where and what to do. Since LV is one of the 1,500 dancers that night, being alone without any of my close friends is not something I enjoy.

My only mistake this year was I should have borrowed my father’s brand new HD video camera instead of relying on my pathetic Kodak DX6490 camera where the pictures and videos taken are more likely useless in dim lighted scenarios. My Sony Ericsson W810i cameraphone is much better than the Kodak camera but of course the 3gp videos taken are not that visible. Anyway enough writing, let’s see what videos and photos I have for you:

Check out my Citrawarna 2008 Gallery

Now let’s see some videos I’ve taken:

Videos I’ve taken during Citrawarna 2008

Forgive me if the videos are low quality and unedited. I’m not the kind of person who spend so much time making thing looks good. As long as things work, I’m already happy.

I guess that’s all for now. I’ll definitely come again next year for Colours of Malaysia 2009 (Citrawarna 2009).

My Third Visit to Fasfik

My car was overdue for its scheduled service. I was supposed to send it for a pit stop every 5,000km but since I just got myself a new mileage meter replacing the broken one, I think I’ve clocked almost 10,000km already. Anyway, being a loyal customer to a particular service shop, I sent my car for a service job at my usual car service workshop, Fasfik Kepong branch.

Unlike my previous two visits to the same branch before, there was only one guy attending me for my car’s service job. Then I saw this:

Ashrufzz Reality Adventure Snapshot at Fasfik Kepong Branch

Taking a closer look at the screen:

Ashrufzz Reality Adventure Snapshot at Fasfik Kepong Branch Close Up
Ashrufzz Reality Adventure Snapshot at Fasfik Kepong Branch

It’s my picture featured on the main computer inside the workshop. I was overjoyed, at least my blog name is visible. One of the Fasfik owners commented on one of my Fasfik review recently. I guess I must have made a good impression to them..hehe..

My Car Third Service Pit Stop @ Fasfik Kepong
My Car Third Service Pit Stop @ Fasfik Kepong

I had a chat with the one and only mechanic at that time, he revealed some surprising and appalling information. All the other Fasfik crew of Kepong branch had left. He himself was from another neighbor Fasfik branch being assigned there to bring the service shop branch back to life. From a management point of view, I can understand why they only give basic salary to the crew. I can also understand how a life of mechanic is since I was a car mechanic trainee during my years of studying automotive engineering. I guess you need to love your job in order to stay long in your career. Even I myself has job hopped so many times before landing to something I really love doing.

During my last visit, the branch ran out of Fasfik engine oil so I had to resort to the expensive Shell Helix engine oil. This time, I guess there was an oversupply of Fasfik engine oil. Basically, it’s just a basic engine oil being labeled.

Fasfik Engine Oil Product
Fasfik Engine Oil Product

I don’t know why, but I just love packaged product. It makes me feel as I’m buying a bargain deal rather than the expensive customized service.

Fasfik Line of Packaged Products
Fasfik Line of Packaged Products

This visit cost me RM50 for an engine oil change job along with a free engine oil filter and regular check of my car.

Tren Production Road Show Dance Videos

This might be kind of old news but I just feel like blogging about it anyhow. On the 3rd of May earlier this month, I went to Mutiara Damansara. My intention was to find Parkson Grand but I soon found out that there was only Metrojaya store over at The Curve. Anyway, after I’ve parked my car at the RM2 per entry (on the weekend) Cineleisure Damansara, LV and I got occupied looking at a dance performance road show by Tren Production.

I know how much LV love dancing. Even I myself went for 2 dance classes (although not for long) last year, I am always amazed and excited at how people who can really dance. Making it even more interesting the second season of So You Think You Can Dance Malaysia at 8TV. Check out the videos below taken using my Sony Ericcson W810i cameraphone:

Tren Production Roadshow @ Cineleisure B-Boys Dance from Ashrufzz on Vimeo.

Tren Production Roadshow @ Cineleisure Girls Dance 1 from Ashrufzz on Vimeo.

Tren Production Roadshow @ Cineleisure Girls Dance 2 from Ashrufzz on Vimeo.

Tren Production Roadshow @ Cineleisure Electric Hip Hop Dance from Ashrufzz on Vimeo.

I really like the final group’s performance. Tren Production is a new dance studio production with it’s main dance studio class located in Kepong. That’s just like 10 minutes drive from my house. I don’t have the detail information of Tren Production. I must have lost the phamplet along the way somewhere. If anyone wants to add information, please feel free to add the information on my comment box down below.

Its just so cool to be able to dance. I guess the movie Shall We Dance? has really gotten me into this dancing interest.

My Compaq Presario V3751AU Laptop

This would be my first blog post for the month of May. I’ve been pretty much occupied the past several weeks with various types of work. At the same time I’ve been eyeing on a new laptop for the past several weeks to replace my loaned Acer Aspire 3683 laptop (technically it’s my brother’s laptop). After looking at this brochure, I’ve already decided which laptop that I’m going to buy since the spec and the price is within my budget:

Compaq Presario V3751AU on Brochure
Compaq Presario V3751AU on Brochure

At RM2199, it’s quite an affordable price to pay for a decent laptop with the technical spec listed. However, I needed more financial leverage since I wanted a monthly installment over the full amount which I needed to pay. I don’t want to pay in full cash because it will affect my monthly budget and savings.

So I started making some analysis on ways I could do to finance my new laptop. At first I wanted to apply for the RM125 per month under AEON Easy Payment scheme. However, after getting the information and did a rough calculation, the total amount I would have to pay under the Easy Payment plan would be (RM125 X 24 months) is RM3,000! WHAT? That’s RM801 more than the selling price! I’m not going to pay the credit company (in this case AEON Easy Payment scheme) that amount. On top of that, there is another 0.84% of interest per month equivalent to 10.08% a year.

My second option is to reduce the throat-choking Easy Payment scheme interest to a personal loan. The idea was to apply for a RM3,000 personal loan and pay back on a monthly payment. There was 2 option (CIMB Cash Express Micro Finance and AEON-Cash Personal Financing) since a lot of personal loans are not meant for small amount. I had to eliminate CIMB Cash Express because it’s a financial killer. At 24% interest yearly, it is one of the highest interest personal loans ever based on my findings. As for AEON-Cash Personal Financing, I had to apply for an AEON Credit Card in order for my loan to be approved. If I went for this, I would have to wait for another week or so to get my credit card approved and so on so fourth. Not what I had in mind.

My third option is to use my Petronas CIMB Bank credit card I just received a month ago. Utilizing the 0% monthly installment, I can just buy a laptop by just dividing the price of RM2199 with 12 months. That would make RM183.25 per month and best of all, interest free. The only issue is there aren’t many shops that provided this facility. Most of the shop I found have Maybank and Citibank 0% interest free payment plan. I’m not going to get another credit card for my financial sake. From my reading in forums and some blogs, I find that in order for me to get an interest free plan with CIMB Bank, I need to find a shop that uses a CIMB merchant processing machine. So, my quest for searching for the right shop begins.

After searching high and low at Low Yatt Plaza, one shop that I’ve found charge 4.5% on top of the laptop price before dividing it with 12 months. I didn’t go for that one. I finally found a shop that provides me with the monthly installment facility using my credit card. The shop wasn’t as busy as any other shop; in fact I was the only customer inside the shop. After dealing with the sales guy for 15 minutes, my transaction went through and I was on my way back with my brand new Compaq Presario V3751AU.

At home, I joyously unpacked my new laptop:

My Loaned Acer Aspire 3683 with My New Compaq V3751AU
My New Compaq V3751AU package

Unfortunately the package I bought only got me an original Targus HP laptop bag and a RM35 optical mouse. By the way, the laptop I bought only comes with FreeDos so there was no Windows or any other operating system. I had to add more money if I wanted an operating system installed. This is where the hassle begins.

My Brand New Compaq V3751AU Unpacked loaded with FreeDOS OS
My Brand New Compaq V3751AU Unpacked loaded with FreeDOS

It took me one night for me to install a fresh copy of Microsoft Windows XP and then another 2 days for me to search for all the drivers since the package doesn’t include a driver CD. Even worse, the system is configured for Windows Vista when I tried searching for the drivers on HP Compaq official website. After searching around, I’ve gathered all the necessary download and bundled all the driver’s link into this single URL link:

I downloaded most of the drivers but only a few of them really work. Here’s a list of it which I did managed to note down that really works on my Compaq Presario V3751AU:

  • SP34842A – BlueTooth Driver
  • SP35333 – Wireless Assistant
  • SP37950 – Network Controller Driver
  • SP35414 – Webcam Driver

After all the driver was done installed, it was then time to make the transition to transfer all my working files from my previous laptop to my new laptop. I’m not the kind of person who uses back-up software because I know there will be a point where complication will arise. So I did it manually using a portable hard drive and thumb drives:

The Manual Side by Side Laptop File Transfer Process
The Manual Side by Side Laptop File Transfer Process

It took me my whole Sunday weekend to complete the transition. Performance wise, since the processor is a dual core processor, there is a huge improvement when I’m running heavy multiple applications. The temperature is cooler and the CPU utilization is less likely to reach 100%. My only problem is I can’t play my Simcity 4 most probably because of my display card issue.

My Compaq 3751AU on Windows XP is ready for action
My Compaq 3751AU on Windows XP is ready for action

Why I didn’t choose Intel Core 2 Duo over AMD Turion 64 X2? Based on my finding from benchmarking charts, using Intel Core 2 Duo is slightly ahead of AMD Turion 64 X2. Then again, I’m looking for a bargain and not performance so I think I made a good choice.