An Overturned Toyota Vios

My lack of blog posting is the result of having too much stuff with loads of excuses. Simply saying, I haven’t been spending quality time with my blog. I have a few lined up drafts on my blog but haven’t been published yet. So much information that can be shared is now stucked in my brain…Mmm..

This morning, on my way to my workplace, there was a massive traffic jam at Jalan Kuching heading towards Jalan Duta ramp. KL traffic is unpredictable and one of the main cause is always traffic accidents. Check this one out which I took a snapshot this morning:

Overturned Toyota Vios at Jln Duta Ramp
Overturned Toyota Vios at Jln Duta Ramp

I have no idea how on earth this car could have overturned in a traffic jam crawl. Well, stranger accidents have happened when you are on the road.

More RAM for My Acer Aspire 3680 Laptop

It’s been a while since I’ve been rambling about what I’ve been doing. I think I should do this kind of writing since it’s my own blog and I can do whatever I want with it. Of course I shouldn’t disclose anything that might jeopardize my career but as long as I don’t hurt anyone literally, it should be fun. Recently, my brother gave me his used 512MB laptop RAM since he got himself a bigger RAM. My previous laptop RAM was 768MB, one slot was used for a 512MB RAM and the other was 256MB of RAM. So all I needed to do is replace the smaller 256MB RAM with the 512MB RAM and I can now enjoy 1GB of RAM.

I was told that the new RAM had a slightly higher speed than my older one. I didn’t care about that much as long as I can do all my work on the laptop. Then again, it doesn’t hurt to get to know more about your own hardware and get fascinated by it, eventhough it is now considered old. I then used a freeware application that can track my hardware detail without me having to dig around dismantling all my hardware stuff. It’s called CPUID. Here’s how I know what my RAM type and the speed difference of both RAM I have:

My Old 512MB RAM
My Old 512MB RAM

My New 512MB RAM
My New 512MB RAM

If you noticed, the software detects what kind of RAM you are using, what speed does it have, the manufacturer, the serial number and when the hardware was being manufactured. Not only that, it detects other stuff as well such as the mainboard, the chipset and the most important part of a computer, the CPU:

My New 512MB RAM
My Laptop’s CPU Details

I guess having a basic Celeron CPU laptop is not too bad after all.

Check out CPU-Z for information using this awesome freeware application.

Create Your Own ‘Mini’

I was at The Curve last weekend having some good food over there. While walking out from Borders bookstore, I saw an interesting booth that have all this small figurines on display. At first I thought it was just a booth that sells toys but taking a good look of it, I stopped for a while and look at the dolls in fascination. Check it out:

Mine Alesi Booth Banner
MineAlesi Booth Banner at The Curve

They also have an awesome website which you can read all the details and stuff they are selling. (Click Here).

Figurine collection at Mine Alesi booth The Curve
Figurine collection at Mine Alesi booth

I tried touching a few of the figurines, at first I thought it was just made of some clay and would easily broken. It turns out it’s much tougher than that which is good.

Lovely figurine from Mine Alesi
Lovely figurine from Mine Alesi

I really like the above figurine. I’m thinking of having it as one of my wedding gift when I get married. It’s so creative and the price is reasonable. I think the toys at Toys R Us is priced even more than this one. One thing for sure that I like about Mine Alesi, I like their websites. It was created by Penang based Websmith ATP. I had a look at under the hood of the website, they’ve utilized AJAX and a very good XHTML and CSS based design. I really like what they did.

If you are interested, make your way to Borders Outlet at The Curve and find MineAlesi booth before they go open up their booth some place else.

My Webhost Fanatical Version Upgrade

I hope my webhost have learned their lessons when the attempt to upgrade/repair the hard drive containing all their paid web hosting customer, resulted in a catastrophic hard disk failure which wiped out the entire hard disk with no possibility or recovery. It was truely a painful moment for me when that happened. Eventhough my blog was just 11 months old with some casual updates, I also add-on a few domain names on the same web host since that was the most economical thing to do.

Anyway, my web hosting will expire end of this month. I’ve decided that I shall remain with my web host which is Byethost for one simple reason. They are fanatically upgrading each and every components on the web host to the latest version available.

Byethost Current Component Version List
Byethost Current Component Version List

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, install this add-on for your Firefox Browser called Server Spy. It will tell you which version of web application server the website is using. New version normally has bugfixes and contain more new features for you to enjoy such as the one my web hosting is using which is Apache 2.2.8.

Despite the economical factor, I have plans to buy another web hosting for not to put all my eggs in one basket. I have 4 days of geeky days at home this Chinese New Year holiday so I might be doing a lot more of my online activities as what I’ve been doing before.