How to Remove RavMonLog Virus

In this post, I’m not going to insert any pictures or images. It has been a while since this problem occured. I’ve tried a number of those free anti-viruses (I’m stingy okay..hehe) and none of them work. I tried using a Ravmon Removal Tool (right click and save as here to download) but it didn’t cure my problem. I haven’t try the new version called the Smart Anti Virus 1.0 but I’m going to check it out soon.

Anyway, one of my colleague here at my office circulated an e-mail on how to remove RavMonLog virus. I’ve tried it myself, and it works:



  1. Right click on an empty space from the taskbar (or right click on the clock from the right corner) and select Task Manager.
    – Select the Processes tab, locate ravmon.exe, right click on it and select End Process
    – Delete the following file: C:\Windows\ravmon.exe
  2. To clean the removable storage device (USB stick, PEN drive etc.) right-click on your USB stick / PEN drive icon and select Explore.NB: Be careful NOT to double-click the icon because the malware will be reactivated.
    – Locate and delete the autorun.inf and ravmon.exe files
  3. Click on Start, Run, type regedit and click on OK.

NB: Before you edit the registry, please export the keys that you plan to edit, or create a backup of the system before you proceed.

  1. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run
  2. Delete the "RavAV" = "C:\windows\ravmon.exe"


  1. Presence of the autorun.inf and ravmon.exe files in the root of the storage device.
  2. Presence of a copy of the ravmon.exe file in the windows system folder.
  3. Presence of the RavMonLog file that contains the port number for the backdoor component.


  1. Worm.RJump.A spreads by creating a copy on removable storage devices or mapped drives.
  2. It drops the following malicious files:
    • autorun.inf
    • ravmon.exe
  3. Also it drops a clean msvcr71.dll file that is a part of Microsoft Visual Studio.
  4. It opens a port for the backdoor component.

Pre Thaipusam 2008 Panorama

Every single year when Thaipusam is celebrated, the place where I live will be crowded by the Indian Community. This year, it was announced that Thaipusam is a public holiday for Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya. Now this is really a challenge because my area is getting even more crowded. With more people, there will be cars. More cars equal to more traffic jam. Oh well, I’d better get used to it. Read more about Thaipusam here.

I don’t really have anything to write so I’ll post pictures I took this morning instead:

Pre Thaipusam Day 2008 View at Jln Ipoh
Pre Thaipusam Day 2008 View at Jln Ipoh

Another Pre Thaipusam Day 2008 View at Jln Ipoh
Another Pre Thaipusam Day 2008 View at Jln Ipoh

I just don’t like seeing those pierced bodies and those scary stuff. It’s just too scary for me.

Restructuring, New Responsibilities and A New Workplace

I’m starting a new category here, it’s called Career. So, instead of having all of my related jobs and career rambling falls into Personal, I now can start rambling about my job. Usually, I don’t really like to criticize thing too much because I really like to be a positive thinking person. Of course once in a while, it doesn’t hurt to be critical to relief those steam before it explodes.

When I first came to the company, there was no place for me to sit. I had to share my workplace with someone else until some of the practical students finished their working period and some of the other workers moved to the site office. I then acquired a temporary workplace which was right under the air-conditioner and it was freezing cold.

My Temporary Workplace
My Temporary Workplace

But strangely, the air conditioning got warmer and suddenly, one of the two main air conditioner on the second floor where I was located broke down. I’m used to be located in such odd office places so it doesn’t really matter to me that much. There was one time when I was doing tele-marketing, the office had no chair and I had to use a drawer as a chair with a small table desk for the telephone. It was hot and there was dust everywhere. The construction workers were knocking down the wall, it was horrible. Anyway, I survived as always.

Last week, my company had an organization restructuring. No one was laid off but there were a few people who resigned. I was relocated to the business development group and there are 2 fresh graduates assigned with the group. Being a senior person, I now have to guide them through the learning curves of the business development process which is tough considering I used to be the jack of all trade last time. So, new job position, new responsibilities and best of all, new working spot:

My New Latest Workplace
My Latest Workplace

Well, the air conditioning is not installed yet since I’m now in a new building right next to the old one. It’s warm and sweaty. At least I now have a permanent workplace.

My Second Visit to Fasfik

Last October 2007, I sent my car for a service at Fasfik Kepong. After 4 months of excessive car usage fighting the KL traffic jam plus the extra money from Google Adsense payout earlier, it’s time to get my car for a service treat. I drive my Proton Iswara car every single day. So it is crucial to get my car well maintained to avoid any complication in case if I my car broke down along my way to work.

One of the disadvantage of owning a second hand car is most of the important working parts of the car is used and requires replacement. This time, it was my car’s front shock absorber. I’ve heard of stories where people normally gets ripped off when they send their car to the workshop. I never encountered any of that problem simply because I know what parts are needed to be replaced (putting my diploma in automotive engineering practice of course). Apart from that, since I only use a stock standard car and the location of where I live, there will always be replacement parts available for me to shop around.

Here’s one tip if you want to slash your car maintenance’s cost, buy your car replacement parts at a local shop. Avoid asking your car’s workshop to buy it for unless it is really necessary. Also avoid buying parts at a well known accessories shop, their price are 10 to 25 percent higher than the local shop. I’ve been practicing this for years. One area famous of automotive replacement parts which apparently where I live is Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur. In my area alone, there are 4 – 6 shops selling automotive replacement parts.

Rows of Shop at Batu 5 Jln Ipoh
Rows of Shop at Batu 5 Jln Ipoh

Because of the good experience at Fasfik Kepong last time, I went there again today for their excellent services.

Fasfik Kepong Branch
Fasfik Kepong Branch

Before handing over my car keys to Fasfik personnel, an agreement is first made between the car owner and Fasfik about the price quoted. Once that is established, then the time of job is estimated and then executed:

My Proton Iswara being scrutinized
My Proton Iswara being scrutinized

Replacing my old shock absorber
Replacing my old shock absorber

Installing my new car's shock absorber
Installing my new car’s shock absorber

Jobs Done
Job’s Done

Replacing the car’s shock absorber involves the removal of the wheel. Because of that, a re-alignment is needed:

My Proton Iswara on the Alignment Job
My Proton Iswara on the Alignment Job

While doing the alignment, the mechanic noticed that my wheel camber alignment on my left side of the wheel is out of tune. He then suggested for me to install a camber nut for RM25 a piece. A new quotation was made and I agreed to it. The best part of Fasfik is they have a central online management system built using open source architecture called Fasfik Intelligent Management System. Check out their portal here.

Fasfik Intelligent Management System
Fasfik Intelligent Management System

Here’s the summary cost of my entire car service this time:

Tell me what do you think of the price above. Find out if Fasfik is available in your area here.

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