Benefits of Turning Off Your Car’s Air Conditioner While Driving

Based on the my experience from the above topic, the most substantial benefit you’ll get when you drive with your air-conditioning off is:

It saves your fuel!

Driving with your car air-conditioner off saves like 25% of your fuel. This is fairly true when driving through the traffic jam or lower speed driving such as driving in the city area where you need to stop and go often. Why is that? The main components that makes the air-conditioner works is called a compressor. It is a moving part and moving parts will always experience wear and tear.

Another benefit would be, you save money by not having to often pay for the air conditioning maintenance. A refill of a R-134 gas is RM50++. For the R-12 gas is just RM15 but it’s not ozone friendly. I don’t think it does make a different when these gaseous are released. It is bound going to happen anyway when things break down. However, before you go for the cheaper option, make sure that the components can accept the R-12 or you’ll end up damaging it even more.

3 weeks ago, after my last car air conditioning service which was 15 months ago, I spent my new job’s second paycheck (my first paycheck was worth 3 days but it is still a paycheck of course) to repair my car’s air conditioned. I can’t believe I’ve been driving around in a hot car all these while. This time, I didn’t sent my car to the shop I sent last year. Got a few snapshots while waiting for the repair job.


The above image is when the mechanic want to clear out all the air conditioner gas. Talk about saving the environment huh? For a full service, the condenser inside the dashboard compartment needs to be removed and cleaned. Normally all the dust is collected there.


After soaking the condenser inside some liquid chemical bowl and blow dry it, the mechanic then re-assembled the component. If this component has signs of puncture, it will puncture your wallet so a piece of advice, make sure your mechanic don’t fool you by this trick.

The repair job took almost 2 hours to finish. In the end, the cost of repair was just RM250 although the compressor is now creating a squeaking noise. I should have got the air conditioning repaired earlier with that kind of money if only I wasn’t so stingy. I don’t really care about the noise as long as I’m cool. The belt is causing the noise because the compressor is now worn out and at anytime it can get jammed, that was what my mechanic said. A new compressor would cost around RM1000 while a reconditioned one is only RM300++. I’ll take the latter because I like to keep my cost down but in the mean time, I’ll give the sick compressor a hard time.


The visit to the mechanic wasn’t so bad. I met an attractive young lady as you can see in the picture above. No, not that chinese lady who’s on the phone, the girl who is sms’ing beside my car. She was installing a new set of speakers for her dad’s black Nissan Sentra. Apparently she lives in my neighbourhood and his dad owns an office nearby. She was complaining about the car’s high fuel consumption. At least my waiting moment kind of got interested, unfortunately I didn’t get her number which I should have done. Oh well, I can always fabricate a ‘bump into’, after all she lives in my neighbourhood, right?

My next paycheck would be spent for my torn CV joint cover which will only cost me RM15 if I bought it directly from a spare part shop. Where I live, it’s like the heaven of spare parts from what other mechanics has told me. The only thing that I have to bear is the labour charge which might reach RM60++. Another thing would be to change my front tyres and to do the wheel alignment. Altogether, I have a budget of RM300 for that, I hope I don’t exceed that amount.

Well, who said owning is car is easy.. ;-)

How I Got My PayPal Account Verified

I got my PayPal account verified back in February. I’ve been putting this post on hold for quite some time since I’ve been enjoying spending using it. It’s fun to spend but it is even more exciting getting paid which is the harder part. Alright, let’s get down to business.

If you are a Malaysian citizen and spend a lot of time online, you’ll probably know that Malaysia is high on the list of credit card fraud. So, online merchant wouldn’t prefer Malaysian so much. So, how can you use PayPal to shop online? It’s fairly simple, just add a credit card or a debit card to your Paypal account and you are set to go. However, that’s half the process. Getting your account verified would be most preferable if you want full use of it.

As you can see from my screenshot above, I’ve already shopped for a few online subscriptions eventhough I’m not verified yet. Actually, I have already received my expanded use number from Public Bank (which was mailed to me) but I forgot to enter the number into my account for verification.

Alright, let’s see what happen when I enter the number I’ve obtained:

Hold on tight there.

There you go, I am now a verified account owner of PayPal.

Recently, I just bought a domain name from NameCheap using Paypal and the was activated instantly. The DNS direction was fairly quick. I hope not to get addicted to this online shopping as I’m having fun doing it. ;-)

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KTM Komuter Segambut Car Park Daylight Thievery: The Follow Up

In July last year, my car got broke into and the surprising this was all of my car seats were missing. You can read my post: DBKL KTM Komuter Segambut Car Park Daylight Thieving.

Proton Iswara at Balai Polis Sentul

Last Tuesday, the police inspector that handled my theft case called me up and asked me to come and meet him. I never would have thought that the case after a while would be followed up. I was wondering what was going on but it doesn’t really matter since my car was already fixed but being a good citizen, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to help the police since they are going to be the one who will be the one you’ll seek if you get into trouble.

It was then revealed that my case was handed over to another person and that person did a sloppy job. The inspector was pissed because he had to clean up the paperwork to avoid me of being accused of giving out false statement. I was then told that the person who did the theft job was caught and went to court last February. In order to not getting me into the court action, I had to help the inspector giving out a rectified correction statement. Sounds a bit scary of how these paperwork could lead to something not nice.

Bottomline, having a car has its own pros and cons. I’m getting my car’s air condition repair today. It hasn’t been repaired for over a year already. I owned a car since I was 19 and there were countless of incident that had happened to me. You’ll never know when shit will happen to you.

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Goodbye Shoutbox

I always like the shoutbox on the sidebar. It’s a useful tool to make conversation to my visitors. However, recently my shoutbox has been attacked by spammers:


I understand that spammers do make money and I’ve read that there are a few of spammers get paid handsomely. What I do not understand is why are the links given is full of crap? Isn’t there someone who is monitoring what ads they put on a spam mail? Or maybe there are zombie computers that is program to send spam mails.

Anyway I’m taking my shoutbox down for a while. Installing a wordpress plugin called Bad Behaviour didn’t work out much. Eventhough it is recommended but there are still spams. It’s not that difficult to become a spammer, I’ve tried it once but I do not see the value in it.

I’ll get another shoutbox for my blog soon.