The Launch of Colours of Malaysia 2008 @ Putrajaya

It’s been a while since I had fun. It could have been a lot more fun if my friends didn’t backed out from me when I asked them to join me. It was kind lonely but at least I still experience the colours, the light and sound and the best part, the show and performance.

Unlike last year Citrawarna 2007 where I have no idea where to go, this year I was given instruction by both LV and Colours of Malaysia website on where to park, where to head and where to go. This saves a lot of my time and energy of searching and figuring out where and what to do. Since LV is one of the 1,500 dancers that night, being alone without any of my close friends is not something I enjoy.

My only mistake this year was I should have borrowed my father’s brand new HD video camera instead of relying on my pathetic Kodak DX6490 camera where the pictures and videos taken are more likely useless in dim lighted scenarios. My Sony Ericsson W810i cameraphone is much better than the Kodak camera but of course the 3gp videos taken are not that visible. Anyway enough writing, let’s see what videos and photos I have for you:

Check out my Citrawarna 2008 Gallery

Now let’s see some videos I’ve taken:

Videos I’ve taken during Citrawarna 2008

Forgive me if the videos are low quality and unedited. I’m not the kind of person who spend so much time making thing looks good. As long as things work, I’m already happy.

I guess that’s all for now. I’ll definitely come again next year for Colours of Malaysia 2009 (Citrawarna 2009).

Putrajaya Immigration Department Doesn’t Accept Passport Application

It has been a very lonely week at my office. A lot of my colleagues including my immediate supervisor is taking advantage of the year end to take their paid leave days before it get confiscated by the HR department. I on the other hand, am trying to save up as many paid leaves since I’ve just joined the company 4 months ago. So far, I haven’t applied any day leave yet.

Anyway last Friday, because nobody supervising me except for the passcard which recorded my attendance time, after spending some time reading about how to make my Malaysian passport on the Immigration Department of Malaysia website. I might be flying to meet some international client most probably next year. So, I need to prepare myself just in case my company decided to send me out somewhere.

After my Friday prayers, I went off to Putrajaya Immigration Department office with a mission to make my own first passport. It is rather sad of me not being able to fly out of country. The last time I flew out of the country was with my family when I was 5 years old. Since then, I’m stucked in this country physically but I’m out on the web all over the world eventually. Just next to the building, there is a free parking space so you don’t have to worry about parking fees.

Putrajaya Immigration Office Building
Putrajaya Immigration Office Building
Putrajaya Immigration Office Front Entrance
Putrajaya Immigration Office Front Entrance

I arrived at the immigration office quite early since it was just a 10 minutes drive from my office. So, I decided to tour the rest of the building and found out that this is the place where immigrants register themselves:

Putrajaya Immigration Office Front Entrance
Where Foreign Maids are Registered

I then saw the flashing announcement board displaying something about the office doesn’t accept passport registration. It was then confirmed that The Putrajaya Immigration Department office is only for diplomatic business and NOT FOR PASSPORT REGISTRATION! The officer I asked were kind enough to tell me that it was then too late to rush to the nearest immigration office which is in Kajang. They should have told about this clearly in their website.

Now I need to reschedule my trip to the right immigration office. Mmmm…

The MOF Tender Briefing in Putrajaya

My brother is sitting in a classroom half across the globe in Boston, USA and is chatting with me using Gmail Chat while I’m writing this post. I wish I was in his place. 3 years ago, I brought him into the previous company I joined just to accompany me since I was the only employee in that company and was feeling lonely. I then brought in a few other guys and girls into the company before I sent them off because I was planning to leave as well. It was then my brother’s turn to bring me into his company and I’m now doing what I’ve been doing all along, serving the most important department in the company in doing marketing and bringing in sales.

Anyway, being in the sales and marketing department is not so bad after all. I get the chance to go to places I’ve never think of going. For example, yesterday I went to a tender briefing at one of the most powerful Ministry in Malaysia, The Ministry of Finance (MOF). The tender briefing was to invite vendors and developers to come out with a proposal to develop an asset management system for them to use. It was kind of a surprise to find out that a lot of the government agencies especially one of the most powerful ministry of all, doesn’t have an asset management system. Well, who said adopting new technology is easy right?

The Ministry of Finance building located in Putrajaya is quite awesome. Check the picture I took outside of the MOF building:

The Malaysia Ministry of Finance Building in Putrajaya

Inside the building host hundreds of government department offices mainly related to the financial segment. The area they have is pretty huge. If you’ve ever went to offices in KL, in Putrajaya, you’ll have so much space that you might get tired just from walking to the bathroom. That is of course if you are not used to walk around and just drive around a lot. I know this because I used to drive around a lot instead of walking which I should be doing for a healthy living.

Back to the tender briefing. This is a screenshot of the theater inside the MOF building:

The MOF Theater Hall

The facility is not so bad. Unfortunately, my company decided not to proceed with this opportunity because of some issues concerning the right of the source code and licensing. It is however a good opportunity if your company is a web-based PHP developer since the government is really interested to adopt the web-based open source kind of application. The tender will be closed on the 3rd of December so if you are a developer and can create the asset management module that they have specify in their tender document, you should better hurry up and team up with companies who had attend the tender briefing. My company welcomes that as well.

It was a great experience getting this opportunity to go to places I never would have think of being. However, I still wish I was in Boston, USA. Maybe I should work hard assisting and getting more accounts for my company. Then they’ll send me off somewhere. That’s a great plan, don’t you think so? Hehe..

My Citrawarna 2007 Video Snippets

So many things happened since I last wrote my last post. Now I just have to many drafts that I need to finish up. Last weekend, I could have finish up or at least add in a couple of blog posts but something strange happened to my Windows, it got corrupted. I had to concentrate all my effort to track down my files on the hard disk because I have this bad habit of not having a full back up. I then found out that it was my RAM that was loose that cause my motherboard to act weird on my hard disk detection and some other useless computer crap. I had to say goodbye to most of the junk files I have but it did hit me that I need to further schedule ahead for some timely back-up just in case something happen. This might be one of the reason for me to use Ubuntu as a change? Well, not quite.

Anyway, last month I went to Putrajaya for the Colours of Malaysia launch 2007. It’s already over if you look at the dates on Tourism Malaysia. I never would have known such event if not for my sweetheart who participated as one of the 1600 dancers. I wrote a blog about it in Malay on her blog. I’ve also uploaded a couple of videos shot using my Kodak Easyshare DX6490. The camera doesn’t work at night but I finally figured out which mode to use. Here’s one video where I had a little fun and danced with her after the event:


My dancing was all over the place, I would have never thought proper dancing could be so hard. I have a special blog post for that, so stay tune. For more videos of the Citrawarna event, check out my YouTube page. In the end, I had too much fun alright.