My Failed Attempt to Renew My Malaysian Passport Jan 2017

I’m trying out other medium to add to this blog so I decided to try out videos. I think it is much faster and more interesting to create. Of course, this would be my first so the quality is not up to par I guess.

My family and I will be heading to Bandung Indonesia for a holiday end of this month.

I am planning to create a video of the trip very soon. Need to polish my video skills then.



Why I Was Only Granted a One Time Entry United State (US) Visa

The beginning of the week, my brother and I went to the American Embassy located at Jalan Ampang to apply for a Non-Immigrant Visa. It was just a short 20 minutes drive from my house. I arrived in front of the American Embassy guard house at 8.30am since I’ve already booked an 8.50am appointment:

In Front of KL US Embassy
In Front of KL US Embassy

The booking was done online here and I’ve already prepared all the necessary documents. Among them were:

  • My Passport
  • Alliance Bank Pay Slip
  • The interview appointment letter
  • Filled DS-156 form
  • Filled DS-157 form
  • An official employers letter verifying my employment
  • My Itinerary
  • My event schedule

I had to hand over my handphone since they don’t allow handphone inside the Embassy. There were two metal detector door which everybody have to go through. Took a queue number and waited inside the waiting room.

The American Embassy Queue Number
My American Embassy Queue Number

The Mistake

Half an hour later, it was my turn and I surrendered all the filled documents only to find that my photograph were wrong. It had a blue background. The grumpy Indian lady then handed me a yellow slip and asked me to go out and take a new photograph that has a white background. It was my fault of not reading the instruction properly and entrusted the girl at the photo shop of the colour of the background since I thought she had done it before. What a waste of RM18 for that photograph.

I then walked half a kilometer to Ampang Park to get a new photograph with a white background. I discovered that different Visa application photo had different requirement when the shop asked me which country I’m applying for my visa. That place was expensive because I had to pay RM10 for just 2 pieces of photo. I should have gone for other shop but that’s the only shop I found which was opened at 9.30am and I am in hurry to get back to the Embassy before 10.30am. Because of this mistake, I had to take another queue number and was among the last to finish the interview.

The Interview

I lost track of the waiting time already, when my turn is up after gotten my fingerprints into their system, I was interviewed by an American lady. She asked about my company and why am I going to the US. I explained briefly about my company and the reason which was to attend a product update training, a business partner meeting and a conference. She then proceed and asked about my previous employment , my salary and my current job position. It was kind of lengthy (which my brother find odd since his interview was short) but of course I had to endure it.

She then told me the result of the interview, I was only granted a one time visit to the US. She elaborated on the reasons; it’s my first time going out of the country, I have to build more reputable career line (I guess she saw me as a job hopper) and I need to build more credibility on my profile. I almost argued with her but she said she could have refused my application but didn’t want to because she’s giving me a chance. I had to calm down after that because it would be difficult for me on my next application if my paperwork had some negative mark on it.

The validity period is only 6 months (it’s more than what my brother got last time-3 months) and once I stepped into the US, my visa will lose its validity.

The Disappointment

It was rather disappointing the fact that all my effort to get my passport done, getting my US Visa and all the additional hours of doing travelling research went pointless as there was a change of decision in my company’s management. I appreciated my boss for letting me know earlier that there was a slim chance of the travel trip would have to be revoked. However a part of me was also relieved I didn’t make it for the trip since I haven’t prepared anything for my luggage and all the additional spending I had to bare for the preparation of the trip in such short notice.

Anyway, I treat everything that has happened in my life as a good experience and it would always be treasured in this blog to share with everyone.

Putrajaya Immigration Department Doesn’t Accept Passport Application

It has been a very lonely week at my office. A lot of my colleagues including my immediate supervisor is taking advantage of the year end to take their paid leave days before it get confiscated by the HR department. I on the other hand, am trying to save up as many paid leaves since I’ve just joined the company 4 months ago. So far, I haven’t applied any day leave yet.

Anyway last Friday, because nobody supervising me except for the passcard which recorded my attendance time, after spending some time reading about how to make my Malaysian passport on the Immigration Department of Malaysia website. I might be flying to meet some international client most probably next year. So, I need to prepare myself just in case my company decided to send me out somewhere.

After my Friday prayers, I went off to Putrajaya Immigration Department office with a mission to make my own first passport. It is rather sad of me not being able to fly out of country. The last time I flew out of the country was with my family when I was 5 years old. Since then, I’m stucked in this country physically but I’m out on the web all over the world eventually. Just next to the building, there is a free parking space so you don’t have to worry about parking fees.

Putrajaya Immigration Office Building
Putrajaya Immigration Office Building
Putrajaya Immigration Office Front Entrance
Putrajaya Immigration Office Front Entrance

I arrived at the immigration office quite early since it was just a 10 minutes drive from my office. So, I decided to tour the rest of the building and found out that this is the place where immigrants register themselves:

Putrajaya Immigration Office Front Entrance
Where Foreign Maids are Registered

I then saw the flashing announcement board displaying something about the office doesn’t accept passport registration. It was then confirmed that The Putrajaya Immigration Department office is only for diplomatic business and NOT FOR PASSPORT REGISTRATION! The officer I asked were kind enough to tell me that it was then too late to rush to the nearest immigration office which is in Kajang. They should have told about this clearly in their website.

Now I need to reschedule my trip to the right immigration office. Mmmm…