XM Forex Broker Review

If you’ve notice, I’ve put a couple of Forex broker ads on this blog. I was exposed to the world of online forex trading back in 2005-2006, at that time the retail forex trading was rising up and I was amazed at how electronic trading was done. Yes, I got burned that time but I know that in any business, there will always risk involved. After a while I got sidetracked and completely forgotten about it. Thinking about it, it was rather wasteful of me not pursuing being in that industry since I got a lot of the technical knowledge on trading forex equipped.

After I had a career change at the end of the year 2013 where I got introduced back to the world of retail forex trading through a good friend of mine. What triggered me to get back to this industry was when I went to a seminar on stock trading. The huge initial investment needed for stock trading was a turn off for me since my capital wasn’t enough to proceed further. The course alone would burned off my entire savings and that doesn’t include the initial capital to fund a trading account. Luckily my good friend referred me to a free forex class conducted by a forex broker which I had used way back in 2006. Strangely, there were only 3 person attended the class including myself so I had the upper hand to learn a lot of inside things from the trainer. I then pursued for close to 4 months before I got the trainer to give me a special excel sheet containing trading formulas. That is where my retail online forex trading activity returned.

Enough about my Forex journey, let’s talk about a broker that I’ve been using which has proven to be a reliable broker for me. I even got paid a couple of hundred of dollar just referring people using them (one of the many ways to make money online). The broker is called XM. Previously known as Trading Point during the time I got introduced to Forex 9-10 years back, in my country Malaysia, I believe XM is one of the top name in retail online forex trading. I’ve been to their office and a class (also free BTW) in Ara Damansara, their seminar at Sheraton Hotel KL 2 (Oct 2014) and their Gala Dinner at Bukit Tinggi (Dec 2014). They’re truly doing a lot of aggressive marketing in this country and their turn out is huge, you can refer to their website for the event they’ve organized. Who doesn’t like MONEY right?

That’s the fun stuff, let’s dive into XM platform technical stuff and some other benefits provided. Here are the pros and cons in my opinion:


  1. I like it when I make a deposit into my account, the money instantly shows up in my MT4 software. No need for waiting unlike the rest of the competitors. BTW, I use Skrill to do my deposit or withdrawal.
  2. The minimum deposit is USD5 (or around RM20) which is kind of affordable if you ask me. The cost of doing this trading business is very low. I spend more than RM20 on a single trip to Speedmart..haha..
  3. The Micro lot account is superb with the maximum leverage of 1:888, it gets even better although if you go for full margin it is not recommended.
  4. There are all kind of MT4 platform available, I only use MT4 Windows and Android to analyze the charts but I execute my trade using the MT4 Multiterminal. There are quite a number of other brokers doesn’t give their client the MT4 Multiterminal.
  5. There are no additional charge for both deposit and withdrawal. So I save some money on the transaction made.
  6. Their servers are very responsive, I’ve compared them with another broker I’m using and it is proven to be quicker and no re-quote.
  7. XM gives 50% bonus on top of the deposit. So if you deposit USD10, you are given USD5 bonus so you have USD15 of equity to play around. This could be very useful if you are very watchful of the margin level (I rarely leave my account margin level below than 500%, its just to high risk).
  8. There is also a ‘No Deposit Bonus’ of USD30 promotion since 2014. I’ve traded using this credit on one of my account registered under my wife’s name and grew it to almost USD60 before I got greedy and emptied the account in just 1 day..hahaha..


  1. There are waiting period for withdrawal which in my experience was less than 24 hours.
  2. The price quote used is 5 decimals (eg. EURUSD 1.26445) which I find a bit advanced during my beginning of trading forex. I would recommend for beginners to forex trading should start with only 4 decimals (eg. EURUSD 1.2644).
  3. They deploy floating spread where during busy news announcement can get quite high. However don’t be scared of the spread, based on my experience it the least thing I worry about.

So there you have it, my review of XM Forex Broker. Please don’t ask me on how to trade forex or can I learn to trade from you or anything, I don’t do such thing as I do other stuff for a living. However this online forex trading is something that I can get the hang of it and most probably be one of the things I would do when I decide to retire one day.

So go and check out XM broker by clicking the banner below:

The International Construction Conference 2011 – Kuala Lumpur

A couple of weeks ago, I attended a 2 days conference. If it wasn’t for my boss who had to go to Jakarta, I wouldn’t have to attend it. Anyway, the conference was a totally different industry, the construction industry. This is a huge industry with huge players. The event was jointly organized by UiTM (my former university) and The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) which was sponsored by CIDB Malaysia. I have never heard of CIOB before so it was new to me.

The welcoming address was done by Associate Professor Dr. Masran Saruwono, Dean of Faculty of Architecture, Planning and Surveying, UiTM. Opening address was done by Dr. Yeow Yoon Foo, President of CIOB Malaysia. Keynote Address and Official Opening was done by YB Dato’ Sri Ir Dr. Judin Abd Karim, the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer, CIDB Malaysia.

A little disclaimer here. I am not from the construction industry and what I’m going to write is from my own perspective.  If for some reason the information is not correct, misleading or gibberish, I would really appreciate any comments or feedback.

Session 1 –  Paper 1 : Case Studies in Sustainability for Major Construction Projects: The Veritas Experience by Mr. David Mizan Hashim.

The introduction given by the moderator to the first speaker was quite lengthy but really interesting to listen.

Once Mr. David Mizan gave out his talk, everybody including myself became very attentive towards what he was talking. He is quite an interesting speaker. Let’s check out his slides:

17 of the 20 tallest buildings in the world are in Asia and the Middle East.

For the first time in history, more than half of the world’s population is urban.

Three types of Green Building Rating Tool from Singapore, Malaysia and USA were compared.

There were 4 case studies were featured,The LCCT, Menara Binjai, Menara Chua and PKNS HQ. I kind of get the understanding of what the speaker message is since I’ve read about the Malaysia Green Building Index.

In this case study, the speaker mentioned about conserving energy by making an open design for the building.

If you’re familiar with engineering, the diagram above does make sense to you.

Some design view of the LCCT.

Case study 2: Menara Binjai. Don’t ask me where the building is, I have no idea.

The objective of the building design is to bring as much as natural light inside the building thus a lot of glass is used.

Case Study3: PKNS HQ. I have live in Shah Alam for almost 4 years during my study years. I love Shah Alam and Kompleks PKNS is one the earliest shopping mall my father used to bring me when I was little.

Did you know that the lake in Shah Alam is owned by PKNS? I didn’t know that. It is said that PKNS wanted to fence the entire lake area in Shah Alam since it is located their private land. Of course there were an uproar from the people in Shah Alam so they decided to leave it open to public. So the designer proposed this design:

The idea was to open up the building so that the public can go through instead of around it.

The building also is targeted to score a Platinum Level on the GBI scale.

I do gain a lot of knowledge just by attending this conference but I don’t want to write about the whole content of the conference. It’s not because I am lazy or so, it’s because this industry is not really related to what I am paid to work for. So, I’ll just summarize this entire post with photo galleries taken using my mobile phone down below:

international Construction Conference 2011 Kuala Lumpur – Day 1

international Construction Conference 2011 Kuala Lumpur – Day 2

Potential Jobs After Oracle SOA Training

There is a career fair happening at PWTC KL at the time I’m writing this blog post. It reminds me when I was still unemployed, really missed those good old days while doing job hunting. Anyway, my job hunting experience is rather different than any one else. I never attended any proper interview, one day I set an appointment to meet this person in charge of the company, the next thing I knew, I was offered the job. So far, I never rejected any job offering and I’m not looking for a new one at the moment.

After a week of learning all there is from the SOA/ADF Oracle training, I found this job advertised by a big multi-national company that matches what I have learned so far. Before I write about it more, I wanted to share with you some screenshots of what I’ve learned from the Oracle training I attended, here you go:

Oracle SOA Sample Tutorial

What you see above is a screenshot of Oracle Jdeveloper tool in designing a work flow of a credit card process. At first, following the step by step instruction in the tutorial was easy. Not until the end part when you have to test to see if the work flow application you’ve just created could run or not. It was sort of a relief when it run successfully. But when you see an error message appears, there is where you start to scratch your head opening up every little components which you’ve thought was so simple and realized it has become so complex. It’s like doing math problems during school but with some visuals added to it. For those people who loves the challenge, this is an ideal job for you. I can’t really say it is for me although I do like it once in a while.

Oracle Enterprise Manager Dashboard

This is a view of Oracle Enterprise Manager. It’s a heavyweight application which I believe involves BEA Weblogic application server. My laptop couldn’t take that application therefore I had to connect to the instructor’s laptop to view. If you are familiar with online dashboard, PHPmyadmin or others, you’ll get the hang of it. All of these activities I’ve shown to you requires a lot of ‘experiencing’. It’s not something you could just read and digest. So if you are lazy ‘doing’ but love to just ‘read’, this is not something for you. I love experimenting (up to a level where I don’t see too much disappointing error messages) so this might be a suitable task for me.

Alright, enough about my ranting, here is the job description of a Oracle BEA Weblogic Portal Consultants:

Job Description

Systems Integration Consulting professionals are responsible for delivering large-scale, complex programs that marry processes with technology to help our clients achieve high performance.

Oracle Weblogic professionals design, implement and deploy Oracle Weblogic Portal and Oracle Weblogic Integration solutions to achieve defined business goals. They maintain skills in Oracle Weblogic Portal and WLI solution architecture, design, configuration, development, integration, testing and deployment; and Oracle Weblogic Portal and WLI technical architecture.

Key responsibilities may include:

  • Supervising functional and technical design activities
  • Creating functional requirements as an input to application design
  • Developing and testing detailed functional designs for business solution components and prototypes
  • Supervising application build, test, and deploy activities
  • Planning and executing data conversion activities (e.g., test data)
  • Driving test planning and execution


Well versed with Oracle Weblogic Portal skills.

  1. Portlets, Page Flow, Web Flows
  2. Weblogic Portal Configuration, Administration and Performance Tuning
  3. Weblogic Portal Clustering Design and Implementation
  4. Web Services Integration
  5. Portal Content repositories
  6. Content integration and management
  7. Access Management Integration or Single Sign-On
  8. Rules-based personalization
  9. RIA technologies such as AJAX / Adobe Flex

Well versed with Oracle Weblogic Integration skills.

  1. WLI Clustering Design and Implementation
  2. WLI Configuration, Administration and Performance Tuning
  3. Human Workflow Design and Implementation
  4. Process Integration Design and Implementation
  5. Synchronous (e.g. SOAP, Web Services, EJB, RMI, CORBA) Integration Architecture, Design and Implementation
  6. Asynchronous (e.g. JMS, MQ) Integration Architecture, Design and Implementation
  7. Batch Integration Architecture, Design and Implementation
  8. Canonical Data Model and Data Transformation including XML, XSD, XPath and XQuery
  9. Service Orientated Architecture
  10. Oracle Database Integration (JDBC, SQL)

Other Related Skill Requirements

  • Knowledge and experience in implementation of Oracle WebLogic Server based solution
  • Knowledge and experience in implementation of Java Open Source Framework (e.g. Spring)
  • Knowledge and experience in full application development and implementation lifecycle
  • Recognized Degree from good universities

Experience Preferred

  1. Manager: 8 years and above of relevant experience including Project Management and Solution Architect roles
  2. Consultant: 4 years and above of relevant experience including Team Management and Web Architect roles

Professional Skill Requirements

  • Proven success in contributing to a team-oriented environment
  • Proven ability to work creatively and analytically in a problem-solving environment
  • Desire to work in an information systems environment
  • Excellent leadership, communication (written and oral) and interpersonal skills

Phew!! That’s just too much to handle for me. I can’t imagine myself learning all those skills just to become an Oracle BEA Weblogic Portal Consultants. I know that this job can offer triple or more the salary I’m earning right now. However, I am missing a lot of requirement in becoming one for instance, a degree. So I guess my only option at the moment is to work closely with my company to maybe provide services for this role. Although my boss would not probably give me triple salary earning, at least I can still make use of what I have learned so far.

By the way, the product line my company is selling can be used with BEA Weblogic server. I think I’ll try and find some time to fiddle around with that one first. Hope you get an insight of what my job is at the moment.

Have a nice day everyone.

Getting A Job in The Malaysian Advertising Industry

On the 13th of July which was two weeks ago, I went to Bangsar to attend a public talk. A few days before that, I saw an advertorial that says “Here’s how you can get a job in advertising paying you a salary of RM2,300. Guaranteed.” The headline alone drew me to read the half a page content. The advertisement was from 95%: The Advertising Academy so it did a good job at making me notice and take action to come to their talk.

Since LV is a masscom student majoring in advertising, I brought her along as well just to give her some insight of what her future career will look like. I’ve already have a career but somewhere deep inside of me, I have a lot of interest in advertising. Eventhough I blew up some of my own advertising money during a few weeks of online advertising campaign I practiced a couple of years ago, I still think advertising has an endless bright future.

95% The Advertising Academy Office
95% The Advertising Academy Office

A Scene Before The 95% The Advertising Academy Talk
A Scene Before The 95% The Advertising Academy Talk

The talk starts at 2.30pm so even though I was kind of late, I still managed to arrive there.

Janet Lee Giving A Speech
Janet Lee Giving A Speech

That’s Janet Lee, she’s one of the founder of 95% The Advertising Academy. They have their own blog here if you are interested to read what they are planning to do or what they have done so far.

The Welcome to Advertising Slide Show
The Welcome to Advertising Slide Show

The welcoming slide is rather simple but quite creative. If you cannot read what the fineprint is saying, it says “Say goodbye to dull and boring days”. Basically it was assuming that people who came there are looking for a career change and advertising are one of the industry that isn’t dull and boring.

Shaikh Shahnaz Karim - One of the trainer at 95% The Advertising Academy
One of the trainer at 95% The Advertising Academy

That’s Shaikh Shahnaz Karim. He was the one presenting the entire presentation to the audience. He was actually from the IT industry before he came into the advertising world which he finds it ‘colourful’. Now read this, the advertising industry is a RM5 BILLION industry in Malaysia alone. That’s a HUGE amount of money! Now look at this figure:

Number of advertising agencies in Malaysia
Number of advertising agencies in Malaysia

I think there are plenty of shares to have more advertising agencies in Malaysia for that RM5 billion advertising pie. That might be one of the reason 95 percent ad academy has come out with a program called Hydrogen. The program cost RM15,000 for 6 months but there is a screening before you are actually admitted into the program. They have 3 positions to be filled; 1)Copywriter 2)Strategic Planner 3)Account Executive. If I were to choose, I think I’ll go for copywriting since I like to play around with words.

95 percent Advertising Agency Hydrogen program
95 percent Advertising Agency Hydrogen program

The best thing about the program is it is sort of like a crash course training twice during your weekdays evening and you are actually guaranteed a job. If I were looking for a job or a career change, I think this program is really worth it. Just think of the time you can save by leveraging through your mentor’s network and experience and you get paid on top of that. It’s a healthy investment. The advertising industry is the only industry that can connect and communicate with every industry available because of their excellent medium which is now become really targeted using Information Technology. Throughout the talk, they’ve shown us sample videos of advertisement from many different countries and which videos won the Kancil Awards and the Cannes Lions festival.

Then again, I’ve already found my career field which is currently in the IT solution and application. 95 % The Advertising Academy works closely with the Association of Accredited Advertising Agents Malaysia. You can check out their blog at http://enter95percent.blogspot.com/ or visit http://www.rise67.com to learn more about their program.

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