XM Forex Broker Review

If you’ve notice, I’ve put a couple of Forex broker ads on this blog. I was exposed to the world of online forex trading back in 2005-2006, at that time the retail forex trading was rising up and I was amazed at how electronic trading was done. Yes, I got burned that time but I know that in any business, there will always risk involved. After a while I got sidetracked and completely forgotten about it. Thinking about it, it was rather wasteful of me not pursuing being in that industry since I got a lot of the technical knowledge on trading forex equipped.

After I had a career change at the end of the year 2013 where I got introduced back to the world of retail forex trading through a good friend of mine. What triggered me to get back to this industry was when I went to a seminar on stock trading. The huge initial investment needed for stock trading was a turn off for me since my capital wasn’t enough to proceed further. The course alone would burned off my entire savings and that doesn’t include the initial capital to fund a trading account. Luckily my good friend referred me to a free forex class conducted by a forex broker which I had used way back in 2006. Strangely, there were only 3 person attended the class including myself so I had the upper hand to learn a lot of inside things from the trainer. I then pursued for close to 4 months before I got the trainer to give me a special excel sheet containing trading formulas. That is where my retail online forex trading activity returned.

Enough about my Forex journey, let’s talk about a broker that I’ve been using which has proven to be a reliable broker for me. I even got paid a couple of hundred of dollar just referring people using them (one of the many ways to make money online). The broker is called XM. Previously known as Trading Point during the time I got introduced to Forex 9-10 years back, in my country Malaysia, I believe XM is one of the top name in retail online forex trading. I’ve been to their office and a class (also free BTW) in Ara Damansara, their seminar at Sheraton Hotel KL 2 (Oct 2014) and their Gala Dinner at Bukit Tinggi (Dec 2014). They’re truly doing a lot of aggressive marketing in this country and their turn out is huge, you can refer to their website for the event they’ve organized. Who doesn’t like MONEY right?

That’s the fun stuff, let’s dive into XM platform technical stuff and some other benefits provided. Here are the pros and cons in my opinion:


  1. I like it when I make a deposit into my account, the money instantly shows up in my MT4 software. No need for waiting unlike the rest of the competitors. BTW, I use Skrill to do my deposit or withdrawal.
  2. The minimum deposit is USD5 (or around RM20) which is kind of affordable if you ask me. The cost of doing this trading business is very low. I spend more than RM20 on a single trip to Speedmart..haha..
  3. The Micro lot account is superb with the maximum leverage of 1:888, it gets even better although if you go for full margin it is not recommended.
  4. There are all kind of MT4 platform available, I only use MT4 Windows and Android to analyze the charts but I execute my trade using the MT4 Multiterminal. There are quite a number of other brokers doesn’t give their client the MT4 Multiterminal.
  5. There are no additional charge for both deposit and withdrawal. So I save some money on the transaction made.
  6. Their servers are very responsive, I’ve compared them with another broker I’m using and it is proven to be quicker and no re-quote.
  7. XM gives 50% bonus on top of the deposit. So if you deposit USD10, you are given USD5 bonus so you have USD15 of equity to play around. This could be very useful if you are very watchful of the margin level (I rarely leave my account margin level below than 500%, its just to high risk).
  8. There is also a ‘No Deposit Bonus’ of USD30 promotion since 2014. I’ve traded using this credit on one of my account registered under my wife’s name and grew it to almost USD60 before I got greedy and emptied the account in just 1 day..hahaha..


  1. There are waiting period for withdrawal which in my experience was less than 24 hours.
  2. The price quote used is 5 decimals (eg. EURUSD 1.26445) which I find a bit advanced during my beginning of trading forex. I would recommend for beginners to forex trading should start with only 4 decimals (eg. EURUSD 1.2644).
  3. They deploy floating spread where during busy news announcement can get quite high. However don’t be scared of the spread, based on my experience it the least thing I worry about.

So there you have it, my review of XM Forex Broker. Please don’t ask me on how to trade forex or can I learn to trade from you or anything, I don’t do such thing as I do other stuff for a living. However this online forex trading is something that I can get the hang of it and most probably be one of the things I would do when I decide to retire one day.

So go and check out XM broker by clicking the banner below:

My Blog On Mobile

Once in a while, I browse the internet on my HTC Touch PDA. I have no interest yet in owning an iPhone because of the price so I make use of everything that I now own. Recently I’ve tried out Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini. It’s an awesome piece of smartphone with amazing touch features.

There is a drawback when using mobile phone for browsing the net. Apart from having to pay for the data charges (that is assuming if you are not not subscribing to any data plan provided by your mobile carriers), the screen is just to small to look at all those amazing design and features a normal web browser can provide. Nevertheless, when using these tiny little small screens, we only want to read text or maybe some resized pictures or images.

Because of this, it would be best to provide your blog with tools to help people who loves your blog but only have time to read them on their mobiles. There’s a solution for this, Onbile.

Whenever a mobile user logs, the javascript provided will detect whether you are browsing using a mobile phone or a normal browser. This would really help your mobile readers and encourage them to visit your blog more often.

The only issue I have is:

  • Only 2 pages of your title list will be available (I am guessing this would depend on your feed setting)
  • You can’t revert back to your original layout once it’s loaded on your smartphone

I am still going to try this tool for a while and see if suits my need or else I am going to remove it and search for another tool or WordPress plugin.

My Own Shirt Store : Aisy T-Shirt House

For the past 1 year, I have been toying around with “Print On Demand (POD)” type of part time business. The business involves using any graphics editor software, resize an image to the right size, upload the graphics and finally place the item on a number of selected product. All of the activities mentioned are done using a computer with an internet connection. As simple as it may sound, being a person with no artistic background is kind of hard to adjust. Creating design is just too daunting for me. Copying on the other hand is so much easier. Anyway, there are too many downside of copying. Therefore I’ve decided to shy away from it and try to design stuff myself.

The best part about POD is this business model has produced a few extra hundred ringgits per month for me. It’s one of the easiest “making money on the internet” business model that I have ever tried. In matter of 2 weeks, I’ve already seeing some flow of money coming into my PayPal account. I can imagine if I strategically built some dedicated tasks without procrastinating, this business model has the potential to match my current monthly salary. My only issue is within me where I am not able to leave ‘the comfort zone’ and the habit of procrastinating.

Enough complaining. If you have ever heard of Cafepress, it is one of the most popular “Print On Demand” website on the internet. You can make your own design and have them shipped the product to yourself or anyone else. The best part about POD is, your product doesn’t have to be available right now for you to sell. Your job is just design and promote your custom made product virtually with no physical presence. How neat is that? Once your product is ready, the product will be sold over and over again every time someone purchased it online. Kind of a like a passive income once you reached certain level. But don’t get too excited, this is a part time business so if you work more, you earn more. If you are lazy or can’t get rid of procrastinating habit like me, you only get what you deserve..haha..

Here’s to my own T-Shirt store on Cafepress : “Aisy T-Shirt House

P/S: This store is completely brand new. I have another online store which is currently making some money for me the past several months without too much effort needed. The idea and money is exciting but the work is not…I need some motivation though..

Update 1 March 2011: The T-Shirt store is closed since I have lost interest in t-shirt design.

How to Speed Up Bulk Data Editing

I went home late yesterday night. My team and I had to finish up a few important documents based on the system that our developers have been working on for the past couple of months. The problem arises when things needed to be done or change in the last minutes. That’s when everybody started to jump off from their comfort zone and disregard their working hours to finish off their main objective for that time in order not to have a pay cut. Of course that would include me as well.

I realized one thing, after indulging my own work for quite a while, it is so easy to forget that not everyone knows what you know. I’ve been keeping a lot of stuff that might be beneficial for someone else to know and utilize. I also realize that when you are used to digest a lot of stuff related to a specific task, you will know every single short cut that would enable you to finish off something a lot faster than the rest of the people. It’s time to give back what I know for the benefit of others.

Being in a web developer shoes, I know that bulk data might overwhelm a lot of developers or data entry personnel. This normally would lead to a lost interest of the work you have thus decreases your productivity. It’s a tedious job but someone has to do it. There is however a few tricks to overcome this challenge and one of the tricks when you are constantly online is to use the search engine to find a solution. Still you need to know what are the stuff you are looking for in order to acquire those tricks. I’ll cut the chase for you. One of my system developer needed to resized a batch of images to the same size in order for the system to display it properly. There wasn’t much time left so I helped her out in finding a way for this. I soon discovered a free software called Picture Resizer 2.0:

Photo Resize 2.0
Picture Resizer 2.0

It took me a few minutes to familiarize with this new tool. After that, a resizing job that would take a batch of 50 images maybe an hour or so to get it done is now can be completed in just under a minute. How cool is that? Then comes another challenge, in order not to replace the origninal files, the software created an extension name to differentiate. After moving all the new resized files into a new folder it’s now time to rename all the files back to what it was before to avoid another job for script editing inside the developed system. If it would be done manually, it will take the same amount of time just as resizing the images manually. I found another software tool for that called Bulk Rename Utility:

Bulk Rename Utility
Bulk Rename Utility

Now this software may seems complicated at first because you see a lot of buttons and fields to fill up. Our objective is just to removed 4 characters extension and we’ll be done with it. Check out the screenshot above on how to do it or try it out for yourself.

Now here’s an interesting point of view. From a management stand point, I’ve already saved a few valuable hourly pay for my employer for not hiring data entry personnels if they have to do it manually. Secondly, these softwares are free so the company saved some money from buying commercial softwares. Since all this can be done faster and automated, a lot of the existing data entry personnel/system developers would like it since it makes their lives a lot easier. However, it might be a threat to their job position if that’s the only thing they are doing.

That’s my friend is how the management think! Be Productive Everyone!

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