My Lymphagioma Treatment Experience at Hospital Selayang (Continued)

I was supposed to continue what I have wrote 13 months ago but that didn’t happen. Since I am currently doing some web assignment for my company, I’ve decided to do a spring cleaning for my blog and resume what I had left on my draft list. I have like thousands of spam attacking my blog and luckily I update my blog to the latest WordPress regularly. Anyway, I wanted to continue my previous blog post and finish it off with the end result.

After having my CT scan, I was then scheduled for surgery on the 1st April 2008 at Selayang Hospital. I’ve applied for a 4 days of leave from my company. Along with my mother and my girlfriend (now my beloved wife), I drove over to Hospital Selayang with my mother not having any food from the night before (a normal procedure before surgery). Checked-in the first class/VIP ward and waited for further instructions. The nurse took my blood pressure and sugar level and I waited for several hours before my turn for surgery was up. I had to endure starvation before the nurse finally decided to hook me up on the Intravenous therapy/IV therapy to prevent from dehydration. It was only until 4pm that I was brought into the operation theater. The nurse hook me up with the anesthetic mask. After that, I couldn’t remember anything.

When I woke up, I could move but I felt like throwing up. I somehow made a signal to the nurse nearby and the nurse used a vacuum to suck away all my vomit. I couldn’t really see well without my glasses so I just calm myself until it was time for me being delivered back to my ward. It felt very uncomfortable having a tube sticking out from my neck with a bottle attached to it. It felt even worse the last time I had the tube on my neck 11 years back. I vomited like another 2 times and I couldn’t even pee until I got up myself and went to the toilet (my family member’s didn’t allow me to get up but I did it anyway). I spent the next 5 days in the hospital and during the final day, taking out the tube on my neck was very painful with all the blood spilling over. It was awe full. 3 days after that, it was time to get the staple removed. The doctor gave me 2 weeks of medical leave.

Anyway, here’s a slideshow of the my experience before and after my lymphagioma surgery:

If you have any inquiries regarding my symptoms (swelling on the neck or lump on the neck), what treatment I had to go through and other stuff, feel free to comment below. Thank you for visiting my blog.

My Trip To Pulau Tioman (Feb 2010)

In December 2009, I finally got married. I didn’t blog about it because my father passed away on the same month just 10 days before my wedding. I lost interest on writing blog after that and it took me several months to recuperate myself and my family having to replace my father as the head of my family.

In February 2010, since my wife and I didn’t go anywhere for honeymoon yet. We organized a last minute 3 days and 2 nights trip to Pulau Tioman. We selected a 3D/2N package from an advertisement on and booked a return ticket Transnasional bus ticket from KL – Mersing. The hotel resort we booked was a RM700 budget package for 2 person from Sun Beach Resort Tioman Island. My only comment for the resort is to change their bed. I can feel the spring inside the mattress. One more thing, the room doesn’t have a TV so be prepared to do your own activities inside your room there.

I’m not going to write in details of our entire journey and activities so I’ll summarize in using a slideshow below:

Overall, it was an unforgettable honeymoon and we are looking for more trips for the next coming years.

My 2010 Blog Re-Cap | Hello 2011

I can’t believe I only had 11 blog posts last year. That’s like skipping a month of once a month of blog post although I never made any promises to myself to blog at least once a month.

Anyway, I guess making promises or new year’s resolution won’t propel myself forward. So I am thinking of making smaller objectives for this blog as a resource to share my own little information I’ve gathered to the world. Before I do that, I’ll re-cap what I’ve blogged last year.

March 2010

In March 2010, I wrote 3 blog posts:

During January 2010 to March 2010, I was still recuperating from my father’s passing apart from putting my life back together and building up my new family. It was tough having to juggle between being my father’s successor leading the family and becoming a husband. My Shirt Store is now closed and my ride is now became smaller (I’m going to sell off the Mercedes 230E soon). A lot of things have changed and it will still be changing very soon.

May 2010

Didn’t wrote at all on April 2010. Only wrote one blog post about one movie I went to:

June 2010

I went to an Oracle presentation:

July 2010

I bought a new smartphone during this month but I didn’t wrote about it. I was still however interested in mobile blog:

September 2010

Skipped blogging during the month of August, wished a festive season greeting to all of my readers:

October 2010

I changed the house I live in telephone account ownership from my father’s to my name. Unfortunately the account downgrade didn’t happened and I am going to lodge a complaint about this:

November 2010

Sold off my car in July 2010 but only blogged about it in November. I have so many other list of things to blog about but only kept it on my draft box. I really should be shooting out the blog post without worrying about photos and other stuff.

December 2010

I went travelling around my wife’s hometown so I had to use a mobile internet services. Turns out that the mobile internet provider I had regularly use now capped the bandwidth for the internet connection:

There were a lot of blog post which was significant which got missed out. One of them is my wedding on December 2009 which happened 10 days after my father’s passing, an event on May 2010 plus a brand new car for me and my wife on the same month, a PHP Meet Up 2010 in June and a whole bunch more after I sold off my Sony Ericsson W810i.

This year 2011, my goal is to fill up my blog with at least 2 – 4 blog posts per month. Hopefully this year I wouldn’t become too much dependent on pictures when writing any blog posts because that was the main cause of me procrastinating updating my blog. Until my next blog post.