An Intro to Oracle Enterprise Single Sign On (ESSO)

I’ve been writing a lot about Oracle lately. I’m not really an advocate for Oracle but I am a fan of Oracle’s technology and I am supporting applications that is using Oracle’s database. Oracle is very well known for it’s database market share and also known as the most expensive product in the enterprise database market according to clients that I’ve dealt with. Expensive is of course a rather subjective matter depending on the perspective you are looking at. For me, as long as it can do the job well enough, that is all that is matter. Of course if you want the best, you’ll definitely go for the best available choices. Let say if you want to drive a Mercedes, you’ll never go for Proton even though both car can take you from point A to point B safely. It’s a matter of preference or distinguish appeal.

Enough of the comparison crap. Last week, I represented my company to attend a brief presentation by Oracle Malaysia about Oracle’s Enterprise Single Sign On (ESSO). I was a bit surprised to find that Oracle Malaysia has moved from Citibank building near KLCC to The Garden Midvalley City since my last visit there.

There were a handful of people already arrived when I got there. Had a cup of coffee before the presentation started. The presenter for Oracle Single Sign-On was Peter Rajnak, Solutions Specialist Director, Identity Management Fusion Middleware APAC from Oracle Corporation. What a long title for a job title.

Which Single Sign On (SSO) is right for me? I’ve heard about single sign on before, simply saying you only need to remember 1 username and password. The presenter did a very good job at explaining how the mechanism work, he somehow manage to balance between the technical aspect and the business aspect.

The next presenter was Swapnil Mehta, Director of Global Access Management Practice of SENA Systems of AurionPro. A winner of the Oracle Titan Award, the firm has taken a lot of identity management jobs for enterprise level of Fortune 500 companies.

Let’s look at some brief “About Enterprise Single Sign On”:

  1. Too many users IDs and Passwords
  2. Security Risk
  3. Enterprise Single Sign On Must Be Easy to Use

In order to solve the issue above, Oracle has come out with Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On Suite Plus. As usual, enterprise level product would require an enterprise level of implementation and that would involve some initial investment.

If your organization would like to lighten the IT department hassle in managing IDs and password, this would be a solution to look forward to.