Iron Man 2 featuring Oracle

I watched Iron Man 2 at Cathay Cineplex Damansara yesterday. I have looked forward to the movie ever since I watched the Iron Man 2 promotional trailer on Oracle’s website. The creator of Iron Man, a company called Marvel is one of Oracle’s client. I didn’t see the first Iron Man at the movies, I only watched it on DVD. This time, I had to go and watched Iron Man 2 at the cinema. I even had my desktop with Iron Man 2 and Oracle wallpaper:

The Iron Man 2 storyline for me is quite fast pace. The movie reminded me of Transformer 2 where there were too much action going on at the scene. My wife who watched the movie with me didn’t understand the story in the beginning and asked me a lot many questions. I then told her bits and pieces and told her to just enjoy the movie rather than trying to figure out the story. Since one the sponsors of Iron Man 2 is Oracle, I noticed a number of glimpse of Oracle logo. There was also Larry Ellison the CEO of Oracle himself shaking hands with Tony Stark.

Back home, I did some Googling and found out that Oracle and Marvel created a webisode titled “Two Worlds” highlighting the Oracle technology being used at Marvel. It’s quite entertaining and contain a lot of information regarding how Oracle is being used in the business world.

Check out the 3D illustration which includes Tony Stark (the animated version) as Iron Man.

Truth to be told, there aren’t any ideal environment where everything you need is just at the tip of your finger. There are other efforts and factors to be counted as well. However, having a positive thought is good enough to keep things moving forward.

Back to Iron Man 2 movie. I love the action pack battle between Iron Man and the drones. I love the technology being used by Tony Stark. Overall, its a great movie to watch.