KLCC PC Fair August 2007 Visit

Last Friday, right after work myself and my friend from New York head over to KLCC Convention Centre. It was a busy week last week so I was quite excited to visit PC Fair 2007. I don’t really have any budget to buy anything but I was eyeing on a printer or a wireless mouse to be used for my laptop. I also had a list of things Laadvamore asked me to buy for her female friends. Its been a couple of years already PC Fair is organized at KLCC Convention Centre. I really missed the PC Fair when it was held at The Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC). I think it is easier and more fun when it was at PWTC compared to KLCC Convention Centre.

After the entrance of the hall, you will see a map.

KLCC PC Fair 2007 Road Map

I just don’t think this map is useful because it made me confused after a while I’ve been there. Anyway, I founded the banquest hall first and it was full of speakers. It was blaring with sound and music, I couldn’t even stand being there for more than 5 minutes. I wonder how the sales guy inside that hall could have withstand the noise. I guess they must have had an ear plug or they’ll go deaf once PC Fair 2007 is over.

KLCC PC Fair 2007 Laptop Chicks

The not so good thing I find about PC Fair at KLCC Convention Centre is once you’ve passed by a place, you need to continue your journey through the maze and by then you’ll find your way out. Its typically design to make you go through all the route in order for you to see stuff that might bring out your wallet and buy. By the way, check out the Laptop Babes! ;-)

Eventhough it was Friday, the hall was packed with people looking for bargains. I guess it was a full house during Saturday and Sunday.

KLCC PC Fair 2007 Crowd
KLCC PC Fair August 2007 Crowd
KLCC PC Fair 2007 Hall
KLCC PC Fair August 2007 Hall
KLCC PC Fair 2007 Maxis Broadband Booth
KLCC PC Fair 2007 Maxis Broadband Booth

I can see that Maxis 3G Wireless Broadband was making a heavy marketing campaign. Every hall I went to have 2-3 booth that was asking people to sign up for the service. Even the TM Net guys seems so few compared to them. The internet connection is using the 3G network so it’s not really reliable but so far from how Laadvamore is using, it’s pretty much decent in Shah Alam. I even setup and attached a wireless router together with the Maxis modem sharing it with a couple of her other friends and it works fine so far. I’ll update on how the connection and the experience in a blog post soon.

The next day, I fell sick because of some strange reason and rested at home the entire weekend. I had plan to go back to KLCC on Saturday to look for more stuff but I went to the clinic instead. Oh well, my body need some rest I guest for working too hard. Oh well, there will be another PC Fair soon enough.

Not every 70-291 student but most of them have 646-204 as well as 70-649 and 70-620 to their credit and hence opting for a 642-901 or even a SY0-101 is not a big deal for these professionals whose ultimate goal is N10-003.

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  1. Zul on August 14th, 2007

    I am thinking of getting a 3G soon, maybe Celcom by end of the year as I love to being connected with ease whenever I’m mobile. A friend visited Kuching the other day and tested the 3G features; it worked wonder with strong signal. Further, my streamyx is down for the past 4 days and I’m dying to wait it get back online. Sigh….

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