My Brand New Sony Ericsson W810i

In 2004, after my Nokia 3330 got ruined by rain water seeping into it while I was riding my motorcycle through the rain while going to work, I bought myself a basic Nokia 3100. The Nokia phone served me well through out the years until I discontinued its service last week. The price at that time was below RM450.

Ashrufzz Nokia 3100When I first got this phone, it seems so small and light. I’ve gotten used to heavier and bulkier hand phone last time so it took me a while to get used to it but it was surely convenient to have a smaller phone. At that time, camera phone were available but the price was beyond my budget so I had to settle with this one. It’s still popular though because it has colour screen along with GPRS internet connection where you can literally browse the web using WAP.

The good thing about this phone is, since it’s kind of small, you can throw it on your bed without worrying of ruining it. I also find it was quite easy and speedy when typing out SMS especially while driving (not recommended). I had beautiful memories with this phone and I am still keeping it.

Of course, we all want improvement in our lives and its normal for that. I have always wanted to have a camera phone but when I look at some of the camera phone pictures, disappointingly the picture is rather blurry and not really suitable when posting it on a blog post. Higher pixel cameraphones were beyond my budget costing more than RM1000. I was also not a big fan of Sony Ericsson until Laadvamore introduced her brand new Sony Ericsson W700i where she bought it for RM660. The phone has the one thing I wanted, a nice 2 Megapixel built-in camera and the image quality is reasonable.

We then went on a shopping survey to see if we could strike a much lower price deal. The first place we went was PJ Digital Mall. I was hesitant to go to Low Yatt because of the hassle of parking and the traffic jam. We sooner found out that the price even for the W700i was even higher. The reason for that is because there is a term used for that and it’s called “AP”. I’ve heard of “Underwater” phone before but never “AP”. From what I understand based on the vendors explanation, i means that the phone is original along with some accessories but the batteries are not. The warranty is also minimized to a year but strictly if the phone malfunction on its own. Basically, its a strip version of phone package. Laadvamore soon realized that she just purchased an “AP” phone and not an original one. We left Digital Mall empty handed though.

So last week after my visit to the court house, I went to Plaza Alam Sentral Shah Alam with Laadvamore to visit the shop where she bought her phone and eventually buy an exact same model as her. I was then torn between two phones after looking at this phone.

The only difference that this phone stands out as my choice is the ‘auto-focus‘ ability for its built-in camera phone. The price difference between Sony Ericsson W700i and Sony Ericsson W810i was RM120. The white version of W810i is RM100 more so that’s out the picture. We finally bargained the price down to RM760 and paid cash for it. If I were to buy the original version Sony Ericsson W810i could have cost almost a thousand ringgit. I don’t really care about the cheaper batteries, so far it lasted 3 days without recharging it and it proves orthy enough. I can always buy the original batteries later on.

Here’s my first shot taken right after (the original size was 1632 x 1224 but I’ve reduced it to 400px wide to accomodate this blog post witdh):

The Handphone Shop Where I bought my W810i

Not bad right? I’ve also used my W810i to snap pictures during the PHP Meet Up 3.0 last week. Some other snapshots of my new phone:

The Back View of Ashrufzz W810i
The Back View of Ashrufzz W810i
Me Holding My Sony Ericsson W810i
Me Holding My Sony Ericsson W810i
There’s An EDGE Connection?
EDGE Connection is Shown

The one thing that I discovered about this phone is the ability to detect whether the area has EDGE connection or not. Although I’ve never tried connecting my laptop with EDGE connection yet but this is truly an nice feature if in case I don’t have any other internet connection. Forget about 3G for now because it’s not that fast yet, I’ll write about that soon on my Maxis Wireless Broadband 3G Experience blog post.

Overall, I’m loving my Sony Ericsson W810i.

Doing 70-647 or even 640-816 is not a big deal for some one who has already done 70-271 as well as 70-293 and 642-812 and for a certification like PMI-001, one has to do all of this.

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  1. aisy on July 28th, 2007

    hehe….finally u changed ur handphone and use the brand of sony ericsson..ekeke

  2. Superb on August 1st, 2007

    I also prefer going to PJ Digital Mall.. becoz it is near my house.. and the parking is free! ;)

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