Maxis High-Speed 3G Broadband: Worth It?

My darling is a student at my former university (UiTM Shah Alam) where I used to go to. She lives in a hostel inside the university called Kolej Melati. She said that nowadays, every student is encourage to own a laptop or at least a computer. It has been a couple of years since UiTM has introduced online registration each time a new semester is opened. Because of that, every UiTM or generally most of university students in Malaysia should have at least a basic understanding of how to use a web browser and the internet.

With this online trend going strong, having access to the internet is getting more and more a necessity in a life of a student. The sad part is, Wi-Fi areas where a lot of students could access the internet easily is very limited. Fortunately, at my darling’s hostel, they provide a WiFi coverage called Kolej Melati Wi-Fi Hotspot Instant Surf (WHIS). They’ve already installed the service for over a year now and they’ve recently extended the service to the hostel next to it (Kolej Mawar).

The WHIS service is not a free Wi-Fi. To subscribe, after paying a registration fees to get a username and password, a RM50 fee per semester has to be paid to enjoy the service.  My darling was one of the first to register and during the early deployment, the connection was quite good. From my observation (yeah, I went into her hostel area many times..hehe), the Wi-Fi source was a cybercafe inside the hostel and they broadcast the signal from an antenna just outside the cafe. Problem arises when more and more student subscribe and connection became unstable probably because of the demanding traffic I supposed.

There was one Wi-Fi service provider a few months back came to the hostel and launched another Wi-Fi service called Blue Dream. They gave out a free trial for a week and was going to charge RM40 per month. My darling tested that one and the connection was blazing fast. For me, RM40 per month is too steep for a student to pay plus wireless environment is not something reliable you can trust yet. Apparently, the service provider got chased out by the hostel management from what I heard so the WHIS is still the sole Wi-Fi provider for UiTM’s Kolej Melati and Kolej Mawar. I wonder why TMNet hadn’t install their Hotzone service for UiTM’s residential college such as what they did at Universiti Teknologi Petronas the past several months.

Unfortunately, the WHIS is not working the past several weeks now. Basically, it’s useless and not worth the money paid. She recently found out a friend of hers who is using Maxis High-Speed 3G Broadband a couple of floors up from where her room is. The network is utilizing the Maxis 3G network for internet access. I did some reading on that last year and was taking it as an option to my highly unstable Streamyx connection. Last night, I also did some readings on a few blogs and forum as listed down below this blog post. There’s a lot of things to consider because from most of my readings, a lot of them are negative feedback. However, we all know that we tend to complain far more than praising so it’s not really fair to judge before trying right?

So earlier today, after being begged by my darling plus my eagerness to try out something new, we head down to Maxis Centre downtown Suria KLCC. Stepping inside Maxis Centre got me kind of impressed with a lot of decorations and with so many terminals promoting the latest handphone craze. After asking the officer about the product, I finally signed on the dotted line upon agreeing for a trial 30 days run of usage for the Maxis Wireless High-Speed 3G Broadband. Just to let you know, the modem is actually really bulky. I mean, your TM Net Streamyx  DSL modem is a lot smaller. So, it’s not really mobile after all. Drop by Maxis Centre if you happen to go there to see it for yourself. It’s just in front of the reception area.

Actually I don’t really need another internet connection as my house is already equipped with Wi-Fi powered by a 1MB TMNet Streamyx connection but this is a chance for me to test out this product first before handing it over to my darling for her to use. Of course I’ll do a review of it when I get my hand on it, so stay tuned.

By the way, the Maxis guy told me that they are currently receiving a lot of applications so it may take up to one month before the installation can be done. The guy also told me that a lot of people are returning the modem and asking for their money back after trying it out less than a month. Oh well, I guess I’d better wait and try it for myself before jumping into conclusion.

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Update: I’ve wrote about my experience with this service: Maxis Wireless Internet 3G Broadband Review.

After 642-436, many students aim for 1Y0-259. Those who don’t, usually decide upon 70-536 or 70-642, before thinking of the advanced 642-642 certificate.

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  1. Bat on May 3rd, 2007

    I’m using maxis 3G for about 2 month..FYI, the 3G speed is depend on the network coverage..There are some area which those signal cannot reach, thus making the surfing is a headache..So, don’t forget to ask the provider about it.. :)

  2. chooi peng on May 3rd, 2007

    For me, no harm to give it a try since there is a free trial of 30 days.

  3. nurul on May 3rd, 2007

    i waited for more than one month for the installation.maxis said the same stuff,there was a lot of application and the modem hasn’t arrived yet..blablabla.finally i got call from them saying they couldn’t cover my apartment coz it was on the 12th floor.damn….they could have said it earlier.

  4. ZeMMs on May 3rd, 2007

    I also signed up with the 30-day free trial when I visited Lowyat last weekend… (but I didn’t do that voluntarily.. i just had to get out of there). Looking at their bulky modem, there’s no way I’m gonna carry that everywhere. So I guess when they call later, i’m just gonna say no. Their 700 Kbps connection costs RM99/month… and the modem is on rental-basis? forever? come on… i’m sure there’ll be a better option in the near future. but like u all said, it doesn’t hurt to try

  5. azurt on May 9th, 2007

    Ashrufzz, currently, we are deploying hotspot to cover some of the hostels, lobbies, cafeterias & admin building at almost all Uitm branches (This project is an on-going project and currently lead by one of my team). But,.. Ermm.. It’s hard to explain… lots of miscommunication between my partner (vendor) and uitm… and the project being dragged for months. I guess, UiTM wasn’t requesting for hotzone to us. (that’s all that I know)

  6. shutterspeaks on May 14th, 2007


    Maxis have “fair of use” term where it only allows 3GB usage ul/dl per month, that’s the meaning of unlimited to them. And, u’ve to pay for the modem/router rent every month. Dlink 3G router (LAN,802.11b/g) cost only 600 one time. Correct if i’m wrong.

    not a maxis user, can’t tell, but i’m celcom 3g user, so far pretty happy with their service and growing coverage area.

  7. […] can see that Maxis 3G Wireless Broadband was making a heavy marketing campaign. Every hall I went to have 2-3 booth that was asking people […]

  8. […] can see that Maxis 3G Wireless Broadband was making a heavy marketing campaign. Every hall I went to have 2-3 booth that was asking people […]

  9. […] Posted By Ashrufzz on August 18, 2007 This post was supposed to be published two months after I’ve registered myself with Maxis Wireless 3G Broadband. At that time, I was no longer in their trial period. Well, as you might have known, I got […]

  10. Ocean Of Income on October 17th, 2007

    I used Maxis for a week and turn back to streamix,
    The services is bad, i own a blog that teaches people how to make money online without spending a dime called Ocean of Income and since i need to make regular post and manage all the application to affiliate that i have,the bandwidth restriction makes this seemly impossible and dont mention the bulky MODEM. The only thing that have to say is Maxis sucks! Or better, “Maxis.. ko tutup je la 3G ko, Hampeh”

    The coverage is not up to what Maxis have promised and the first time i applied for the 3G, their representative tried to rip off my leg by giving me a stupid excuse
    “you have a blacklist la encik, you punye luit kite simpan”
    although i have never used Maxis postpaid or anything that would put me in debt!

    That pissed me off and my advise to all of you who have been in that situation, confront and eventhough for 150 ringit, sue him!
    Once he got the letter from your attorney or better, hear from your mouth that you want to sue you, they’ll opt for a deal.

    As a conclusion and add up:
    GOOD: GREAT JANJI MANIS, exactly, i cant think of any!

    Celcom seems to be the opposite to Maxis. Haven’t tried it but few choosy friend who have tried it say its great.

  11. jano on May 5th, 2008

    Maxis brodband memeng suck macam cibai… lambat giler.. macam siput babi.. pas tu selalu putus putus lak tu… bangsat betul.. aku surf kat shah alam.. dia kata ade 3.5G.. tapi 3.5 kali gampang
    jangan pakai itu bodoh punye broadband.. pakai lain punye brand takpe

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