Trying Out Ubuntu

I can’t remember where I stumbled upon ubuntu but I wasn’t really aware about their existence. Because of the bottleneck of broadband internet connection, I was put off from the idea of downloading Ubuntu which is based on Linux OS. So, on the 5th of May 2007, I requested a Ubuntu 7.04 (Fiesty Fawn) CD. At first I couldn’t believe that they are ship out those CD for free. However, I proceed to filled the form anyway.

Yesterday afternoon or 18 days later, I found this package inside my mailbox:

ubuntu shipped to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Inside the package is this:

ubuntu CD and stickers

It’s a CD package along with a few stickers of ubuntu. I am always excited to get something new so I tried my new OS immediately:

ubuntu on ashrufzz PC

I don’t want to install ubuntu yet on my PC, so I’m using the Live CD feature to try it out. So far, I’ve spent a couple of hours exploring this fantastic operating system. It detects all my computer hardware including my Wireless USB stick. I tried surfing the internet using my 4 days year old Maxis Wireless Broadband connection and it worked better than Windows. I’m still editing my review about my Maxis Wireless Broadband I just got last Sunday beside doing a couple of more testing. I’ll post my outcome shortly.

Here’s a screenshot of my ubuntu desktop:


I just love the desktop GUI and there is so much features and softwares bundled together that I become ecstatic about this OS. I’ll try and write something about my discovery in my next posts. Here comes the hard part, I’m still trying to figure out whether I should install dual boot-up (ubuntu and Win XP) or just use Virtual PC 2007 to install ubuntu under Windows environment. I’m a Windows user since the DOS era which later on followed by Windows version 3.1, Windows 95/98/NT/XP so it’s kind of hard to get used to something that we are not accustomed to. Oh well, I need to back-up all my files first before deciding anything.

Cruising The SMART Tunnel

Yesterday I had the opportunity to drive through the half a billion Ringgit Malaysia “SMART Tunnel” while returning home after driving my father to Bandar Tasik Selatan. For those of you who haven’t used this tunnel yet, better do so before they charge RM4 for this 4km tunnel next month.

I didn’t bring along my digital camera so I couldn’t take any pictures while driving inside the tunnel. Anyway, I’ll just conclude what I’ve experience. The Smart Tunnel

  • The sign before the toll gate ask to flash your Touch n Go card but it’s kind of useless as people just drive by there (while still free of course)
  • The road inside the tunnel is bumpy
  • Selected radio station are available inside the tunnel
  • My Maxis phone line is available too
  • If you are claustrophobic, better stay away from this tunnel.
  • The air inside the tunnel is hot and full of carbon monoxide. Better repair your car’s air conditioner if you haven’t do so or you’ll get suffocated the entire journey.
  • It bothered me that I had no idea where I was at while inside the tunnel plus you need to drive really carefully.
  • Better make sure your car doesn’t break down or overheat while inside the tunnel. There isn’t enough space for an emergency lane and you’ll get cursed for causing traffic jam inside the tunnel.

Bottomline, I would only use the SMART Tunnel if only I’m in a rush or in case of an emergency. I don’t really like driving inside a tunnel. By the way, speaking about tunnel, I watched a movie called Terowongan Casablanca last month and it was the most ridiculous ghost story I’ve ever seen (I’m not a fan of ghost movies so I don’t watch much of it). I don’t think ghost would be interested on the SMART Tunnel though..haha..

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My Web Host: The Fastest Web Host?

Yesterday, I received this newsletter e-mail from my web host:


I was kind of skeptical at first because how do you measure the fastest web hosting server and what does that suppose to mean? Reading my newsletter carefully and made further reading about Free PHP Hosting Services Comparison Benchmark, I now know that the comparison benchmark result was made using a PHP script and it is measure based on the PHP execution (Whatever that means). I don’t really know much about PHP language yet but I do know that they are resource intensive on the web servers with high traffic loads and will really strain your web server (if your website/blog post got dugged) causing it to experience downtime and other not so good stuff.

I never really much care about these performance stuff to be honest. The reason I became a paying customer for Bytehost was because of the package that they sell includes a free domain name with huge amount of web spaces and it was the cheapest I can find. Furthermore, I had some PayPal money that I need to spend that time because cashing it out was not a good option for me.

Digging information about my web host a little further, my web host has an address located in Newcastle, England. This reminds me when I was little, my father sent me to Richard Avenue Primary School in Sunderland, England and I think we once went to Newscastle for some sightseeing since it is not that far north from Sunderland, I guess. At that time, my father was pursuing his degree at Sunderland Polytechnic (now it’s University of Sunderland). By the way, just look add the feature my web host gives; I can host adult content. Well, I don’t really want to go into that path. I heard that the money is good in that industry but it wouldn’t be a decent way of earning an income.

So, is my web host the fastest free web hosting server? I don’t know, so far it did a good job for all my websites and this blog. My only challenge right now is I’m currently utilizing less than 5% of what I’ve paid for, so I’m still under utilizing my web hosting plan capabilities. Well, got to work hard on that to see if what they claim is true.

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My New Google Page Rank

I bought my domain name which came along with the package of webhosting at Byethost on 23rd February 2007. So, that would make my domain name is less than 3 months old. So far I’ve posted 18 posts, well I haven’t been managed to update my blog quite oftenly because I’ve been busy plus I procrastinate a lot. Anyway, recently Google has updated their Pagerank for all the website that they have indexed. My website is also included of course. Here is how I scored a PR of 2.

Sometimes, you web browser can play tricks on you, so I like to double check to see if the Pagerank that I got is real or not. You can visit Check Page Rank.

This proves that you can have Google Pagerank quite easily and you don’t have to really pay or do a lot of work. For me, having a pagerank or not is no big deal. It is like having a house with some decoration to it. I’m not really fussy about having the tiles marbled, at least not yet. However, it is nice to see those green bar going up. That shows that you have a quality website and it is useful for the readers to read.

Okay, it’s time for me to go. By the way, I’m writing this post with my brother’s HP Compaq nx6320 with intel Centrino Duo processor which belongs to his company. This morning I sent my PC to my local shop nearby for an upgrade. I’m upgrading my CPU from 1.7GHz Intel Celeron to a 1.5GHz Pentium 4 processor and also moving the motherboard and all that junk into a new casing. Hope after the upgrade, it could make my web projects a lot smoother. I’ll write about a review about my upgraded computer soon.

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