The Entrepreneur Invite

After Valentines Day, I got a mail from the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Cooperation Development (MeCD) dated on the 14th February 2007 for an invitation to come for a briefing. The briefing would be on an Entrepreneurial program associated with Takaful Nasional.

The insurance industry is very lucrative. If you are very meticulous about legal mumbo-jumbo or if you are able to explain and present insurance products well enough to a client, then this would be a great career opportunity for you. Imagine for one client policy alone, you can get at least RM70 commision, that is even better than doing telemarketing for a hotel membership product for which I failed at.As always in any business, it’s a numbers game. The more client you get, the more commission you make. The better you are at getting more and more clients, the more chances you can get to open up your own insurance agency.

Oh well, where were we? Oh yes, the invitation letter. I get so carried away when writing about business stuff.I don’t know how they get my address, maybe they got it from the job searching websites that I’ve registered while searching for a job online a couple of months ago. It says that I am selected to undergo an intensive training for 6 months. The closing date was 3rd of March so I think I was too late. Let see what else they offer, oh they will pay me an allowance of RM500 per month for six months but accommodation is not included.

They have a limit of 200 early candidates. From what I heard, the organizer of the program gets more pay (which was cut from the RM500 allowance the Ministry given) if they can get more jobless people to sign up.Wait a minute, I’ve already gotten a new job. Why would I join the insurance business? Well, I was introduced to the insurance business before. Someone even wanted to sponsor me for all the trainings, exam fees and all that but I refused. I guess my future is to go online most of the time, configuring web-hosting, domains, PHP, WordPress, CSS, XHTML and soon AJAX. I guess I have more fun doing that. Still, what is more fun than working on a dual monitor in a cozy apartment turned office with a gym and a swimming pool? :-)

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  1. azurt on March 9th, 2007

    wow!! cool!! i like ur theme….
    anyway… bawa org luar ley tak? cam berminat je things regardign MeCD nih… ehehheh

  2. Ashrufzz on March 9th, 2007

    Bawa orang luar? Ntahlah, contact la MeCD tu . Berminat nak join ke? ;-)

  3. azurt on March 10th, 2007

    bukan berminat nak join.. tapi berminat nak berkenalan dgn org MeCD… nnt hulur2 ler kontek number dorg k.. :D

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