How To Be Comfortable In Front of Your PC

If you spend a fair amount of time in front of your PC at work or home, most of the time you are not aware of you bad habit. If you don’t know what your bad habit is, maybe it is time to take an ergonomic course (click on the image to open up a new browser window and start the course):

Ergonomic Course Online

A few weeks ago, a colleague of mine went to see a doctor because he had this slight numbness on his hand. It was told that he might have carpal tunnel syndrome as he used to sit in front of his PC most his waking time and holds the mouse all the time. Since then, he takes regular break in between jobs.

Numbness of the Hand

I’m too also guilty of having a lot of bad posture habits in front of the PC and I’m working on to practice good ergonomics as I spend a lot of time in front of the PC too.

But what about people who are using laptops? I used to work with a laptop and I’m thinking of buying one soon (I had to give the laptop back to company when I changed job). The angles might be different but I guess you will know how figure out yourself though.

My First Google Snail Mail

Last Monday, I got a mail from Google. This was a surprise for me since I had never got any ordinary mail from them before. I only got charged by Google on my mother’s credit card for using Adwords 4 years ago. It looks like Google Adsense is sending out Google Adsense Personal Identification Number (PIN) to Adsense publishers. This is to ensure payment for your account.

I don’t really consider myself as a publisher yet. I do write on my blogs but most of the stuff I write is kind of informal. I’m trimming down my blogs and for now I only focus on this blog. You can only write so much in the hours you have in your life. Anyway, I have a long way to go before I can ask for a payout from Google Adsense. Still, it is good to know that Google hasn’t forgotten the old fashion standard snail mail.

How To Recover Your WordPress Login

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been fiddling with a lot of stuff on WordPress. It seems like the mechanical stuff I’ve learned really helped me a lot in determining how to fix something. Recently I’ve stumbled upon a lot of problem regarding the access to the WordPress login. One of them is the lost and forgotten username and password. If you handle or own a lot of your self hosted WordPress blogs, you might come across this accessing difficulties once in a while and I have a solution for that.

To be able to recover your WordPress login, here is two things you need to know before you even attempt to perform this recovering task:

  • You must have the master login to your webhosting or at least must be able to access phpMyAdmin.
  • You must know how to backup your WordPress MySQL blog database.

If you don’t know how to deal with the above list, try Google them or download WAMP, XAMPP or WOS and fiddle around with them on your Localhost before you proceed on your live blog. Okay, let’s move on. Download your WordPress MySQL database in .sql format (you can download it on whatever format you want but I like to stick with .sql). Use your favourite text editor. I use my Dreamweaver to do the job.

After you open the sql file, don’t bother about reading all the mumbo jumbo codes unless you like to. Use your Search and Replace function and search for ‘user_login’. This is very useful if your WP SQL file is big. I’ll give you a peek of how the codes look like:

Peek inside your SQL raw data

As you can see, I’ve colour coded the values that is involved and how it is related. The code above is an example of a multi-user wordpress blog. If you only have one user, there will be only one user information. Once you know what to edit, get rid of those old password circled in red. WordPress login uses MD5 to jumble the password so that it is not easily hacked. We now use md5 Hash Generator to get a new code for our new password.

Once we have replaced the new password generated by the md5 Hash Generator, it’s now time to upload the database back to it’s place. Make sure you have make a back up before you do this or else don’t blame me if something goes wrong. Test your WordPress blog and see if it runs okay or not. After you done that, try and access your WordPress Admin area and if that doesn’t work, maybe you’ve changed the wrong user login or keep on trying. There are a lot of other stuff you can do if you know how to edit your WordPress MySQL database. I’ll write about it when I’m in the mood. If you need help, place your questions on my comment box below and I’ll see what I can help.

Further reading: WordPress FAQ

My New Workplace

Comparing my old work place/desk and now my new work desk:

ashrufzz new workdesk

I would have to say, I love my new work desk even more. My work computer is a Pentium 4 2GHz with 512MB RAM running on a Windows XP Pro. The keyboard and mouse is cordless and I now have a wide 21 inches LCD monitor and another 14 inches CRT monitor on the side. I used to work with a laptop so I was never used to have a dual monitor. It took a few hours before I get comfortable using 2 monitors in front of me. It does make my tasks easier since I have more space to work.

By the way, Master Yoda on top of the CRT monitor is training me to be a WordPress Jedi since I’ve been fiddling around WordPress themes and plugins for the past 3 weeks already. I hope to become a master very soon..

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